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integration of J&M cb to panasonic radio
Hi Folks,

Not sure if this has been posted before but anyway I hope this may be of some help.

Having an OEM CB, that was continuously problematic, a friend and I set out to find a way, to integrate a J&M CB unit, into a Panasonic type 3 radio.

We succeeded, in a partial integration, in that the OEM intercom becomes redundant, which is not a biggee because the CB has an intercom, and the cb cant be heard through the speakers, again not a biggee for me anyway.

To set the scene, my bike is a 1986 Aspy, with a twin antenna arrangement.

Here is what i brought.

J&M CB JMCB2003 DU (unit has aux. Input which allows the connection of mp3 player etc using a 3.5mm jack)

MOUNTING BRACKET JCB03 HBK01 (this also fits the Valkerie and the ST1300)

5pin DIN To 3.5mm adaptor.

It important to note folks, that this a 6 pin system, and pig tails may need to be changed, also, the antenna connection, is screw on, which may necessitate in changing the connection on a OEM antenna, or purchasing an antenna to suit.

In a nutshell this is what I did:

Stripped out the OEM CB, the handlebar switches, and interchanger, but kept the OEM intercom junction box, which is attached to a frame behind the blind cover, that covers the hole where the CB was. Auto volume and tone controls also kept.

Mounted the CB on left handlebar (moved the Radio channel changing switch to behind the CB, required a new bracket)

Placed the filter that came with the CB under the left hand pocket, and powered up the CB using the two leads, that was used to power up the OEM CB. (this allows for the CB to work on Aux as well as ignition)

Connected the junction box to the radio, using OEM 5 pin connection situated under the left hand pocket, plugged the adaptor, into the junction box driver 5 pin plug, and using the 3.5mm jack, supplied, with the CB plugged this into the other end of the adaptor.

Changed the push on connection, to a screw on the original antenna.

It works extremely well, and I can still toggle the radio, between speakers and headsets.

Actually, if a lead was made with a female 5 pin plug on one end, and a female 3.5mm plug on the other, the junction box, could also be taken out, and the CB connected directly to the radio,

Or soldering a 3.5mm socket into the radio would do the same.

Firms I used (no affliation)
Sierra for CB and mount.
Wingstuff for the adaptor
Cyclemax for the pigtails.

Sorry, no photos, the thought was there, but I kept forgetting.
1986 GL1200 Aspencade (mariah)
#1 05-01-2013, 04:05 PM,

I'm about to do the same thing to my '85 Aspy. What did you make to mount the am/fm radio mute switch. A picture of it would be appreciated.

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#2 12-20-2013, 06:19 PM,
Hi GW Dan, I used the original bracket that is used to hold the radio switch, in its OEM position.

In its OEM position, I found it was impeded, by the mounting, of the cb unit, So I had a bracket from a old cell phone holder,
similar to this ( I just used the portion that screws onto the handlebar) turned the OEM bracket so that the large hole, is attached by a bolt to the bracket, then attached the switch to the outside of the OEM bracket.

I moved the whole thing down the handlebar, a bit, keeping it within hands reach.

Finally I painted the OEM bracket to tidy it up

best of luck please ask again if need further help.
1986 GL1200 Aspencade (mariah)
#3 12-20-2013, 07:51 PM,
Here's my portable setup, the strap latches under the lid. I made the base and it has 4 suction cup feet. I formed the top of tinted plexiglass using heat. It has a cord that plugs into the bike's headset plug, then the headset plugs into my integrater above the CB. One antenna cord feeds back under front of faux tank and I just hook to a "AM/FM / CB" combiner which also lets me set SWR using my meter. My PTT and power wires also disconnect fast. In the attached plans, I used number 2 and added a quenching diode to the relay. Been using the setup since about 2000 or earlier. CB costs me $40 new. Parts to build "integrater" including cast aluminum waterprrof box and Velcro maybe another $40.

[Image: outside2006fromrear.jpg]

[Image: IM003697.jpg]

The coat hanger hook deal is how I store it when not on the bike, I hang it from a nail in the basement.

[Image: IM003684.jpg]

Attached Files
.pdf   CB Radio Integrater Plan1.pdf (Size: 86.97 KB / Downloads: 5)
.pdf   CB Radio Integrater Plan2.pdf (Size: 52.79 KB / Downloads: 3)
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#4 03-18-2014, 08:17 PM,

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