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Gremlin in the system. ...where to look first?
have an '84 Aspencade that I purchased recently and have used for daily commuting.

About a week ago I began having trouble starting the bike. When I push the start button, the headlight would go out like normal, but nothing else would happen. If I move the handlebars back and forth slowly, the starter would finally kick off and the bike would start like normal. This hasn't happened everytime I start the bike, but it is becoming more regualr and I have to move the handlebars a lot more before I find a "sweet spot".

Poking around on the forum it sounds like it might be a clutch safety switch issue. Any other ideas before I start tearing things apart?

#1 05-01-2012, 06:24 PM,
Had the same problem with my 84 Aspy bike would start ok but moving the bike out and turning the handle bars left or right very tightly my radio would cut out. Then week or two later the motor would shut off. If you dont know Honda has a recall on the ignition switch,if you look up from under your bike thru the front forks you will see the bottom of your ignition switch if you see three small screws holding the plastic cap on the switch its the new replacement type if it has three slots with the cap snapped in it its the old one. I took my old type on my bike and cleaned and greased it is working ok for me. Have your local Honda dealer check your vin # for recall and make sure they do it!!! Good Luck Hal
#2 05-01-2012, 06:47 PM,
I've just fixed my ignition switch, it was cutting the power when put on right hand lock. I looked from underneath and could see bare wire on a blue cable at the base. When I removed it (bit of a pain to get to) it had a clamp with 3 screws over the snap on base cap so is presumably the replacement recall part, but it had still been tugging at the wire which was held on by a couple of threads, soldered it back and added some tape and all is wouldn't have lasted long until loosing all power.
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