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Just one of those gremlins for future reference
Gonna post this in case somebody else runs into this little quirk and possibly save someone a lot of head scratching. ;Wink
If you have a leaking exhaust crossover or exhaust leak near the cross over and are riding on a hot day in town for a few lights and your bike dies at a light or you shut it down and five mins to 10 minutes it wont start and keep running, your gas is boiling and your vapor locked!!

Since I developed a crossover leak the bike ran perfectly UNTIL the days temps got into the high 80s. At that point as long as riding highway with good airflow around the bike with the occasional stop sign, no problems. Hit town get caught at a two or three lights then shut the bike down and it would start but act like it was running out of gas. :-\
Thinking I had water in gas or speck of dirt in an injector etc I would pour in a good deal of fuel injector cleaner fire it up let it die a few times then sit for about five min and away we would go. \:d/ . What was actually going on was the gas was boiling adding the cleaner would cool it enough to run and windflow would cure the rest until the same thing would happen. Adding gas would cool it also.

After sitting in the heat several times and realizing the gas wasnt supposed to be bubbling for half an hour like I was going to boil an egg in it it got thru my thick head what was going on. #-O

Hopefully this saves someone a lot of puzzled looks and injector cleaner :d
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#1 03-21-2012, 01:21 AM,
I have seen gas boiling, and bikes die from vapor lock on a hot day, even with the exhausts in perfect condition. This happens during parades on hot days!

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#2 03-21-2012, 02:35 AM,

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