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Good front wheel needed - 87 Aspencade
Hi guys, haven't been on in a while, and I hate for my 1st post back to be a request...but it is what it is I guess.

I'm having a hard time finding a "true" front wheel for my 87 Aspy. When I bought my bike a couple years ago, it was sitting for 15 years on a flat tire in a garage. It only had 18k on it, but from sitting on a flat the front wheel was pretty badly warped on 1 side. This causes a nasty shake, especially at slow speed in a turn, which makes your confidense low in the turns or if you have to 1-hand at slow speed.

I've been through 3 wheels from E-Bay, and each has the same issue give or take. One was even worse than mine. I can't find anything local that is worth a crap either. You can't seem to trust anyone on there, even after asking them them to check the wheel before shipping and wasting both our times. I get the wheel, take it to the shop, and they are visibly out of round. (yes, with new bearings too)

I'm very frustrated with the whole situation, so I thought I'd reach out to a group that actually cares about these bikes and may have the resources. I only need the wheel, I have new bearings, the disks are clean, and the tire is new as well.

Obviously I'm willing to pay for it, and am not asking for a hand out, I just want a good front wheel that I am not scared to run on.

Thanks in advance!
#1 10-31-2011, 07:18 PM,
Are you sure it is the wheel that is causing it? I dont think that it would only occur when at slow speeds. There is a slow speed wobble issue with our bikes. Try a quick search here and read up on that, you may need to change the steering bearings, also make sure you have equal pressure between both forks as well as proper pressure in the rear suspension. I noticed that mine gets a wobble when I dont have enough pressure in my rear suspension, and it was even worse before I replace my fork springs and seals.
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#2 11-01-2011, 04:05 AM,
On the wheels I've received so far, they were visibly warped off the bike. I was told the one on the bike is warped as well, but I did not pull it myself to check.

The head bearing was tightened, but bearings were not replaced. I have to rely on my mechanic for that one
#3 11-01-2011, 10:43 AM,
one possibility is that the tire is not properly seated on the rim,its worth eyeballing it,easy to happen especially when mounting a new tire

another question how is wheel balanced?
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#4 11-01-2011, 12:54 PM,
Slow is where the problem is. 30-40 there is a nasty head shake. At highway speeds you don't "feel" it, but it's there.
I had the problem over 3 tires. (original, 1new, then another as a test) I'll be due for another in a few months, and wanted to start with a new tire on a true wheel.

I'll try and spin it tonight for a comparison, but 2 of the the ebay wheels I never mounted at all. I kept the best one, but still an issue. Original was useless.
#5 11-01-2011, 02:54 PM,
Check at a custom wheel shop in your area and see if they can true your wheel. If it's out just a bit it can easily be done for you at a reasonable price. A few other things that could cause your wobble is bent disk brake rotors and really worn shock bushings or loose triple tree bolts.
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#6 11-02-2011, 02:54 AM,

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