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need help with LTD fuel injection
I FINALLY found the cause of the squeaking noise my bike has been making since I got it, as well as a vacuum leak. Problem is I don't know what I found. I went out after dark, with my 2 AA Maglite, so I could see better, started spraying carb cleaner with a straw at specific areas, until I found what seemed to be the worst. I reached back into that area, found a connection, pushed on it a bit, and the idle speed went way up and the noise got much louder. I pushed on it the other way, and the idle speed went back down, and the noise stopped altogether. I'm hoping someone familiar with the old fuel injection might know what this is. I cannot find it on any diagram, though I may just be missing it. This is on the right side of the engine, though there may be one on the left side as well. It is back behind the fuel delivery pipe. It is a WHITE colored plastic elbow, which points toward the front of the bike, and there is a rubber hose that connects to it, which goes forward, then makes a bend, and goes across the front of the engine to the other side. I don't yet have the left side fairing lower off, so I can't see where it goes. Apparently this elbow is either cracked or loose. Would definitely appreciate any information as to what this might be. Also does anyone know what those red fabric covered hoses are that go to a fitting on each manifold? I found them on parts diagrams, and it refers to them as "reed valve hoses" If so are they actually part of the fuel system, or part of an emissions system? They do not connect to that "reed valve box" that the lines to all 4 exhaust ports come from. Thanks, Jerry
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Enlarge the pictures for a better view.

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