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AUX Plug-in in GL 1200 Pansonic Radio...

For a while I did consider soldering wires to the reverse side of connector CN105 on the tracked side of the PCB. That looked a lot easier than splicing into the actual wires themselves.

My only concern was that perhaps the heat might somehow harm the connector although I think i was being way overly cautious in my thinking. The radio's command a fairly high price so one doesn't want to ruin it especially given that you have to also ship it to the UK.

One other point - i believe that a company called Sierra something or other in Ohio will do the mod for you - i believe it is circa $100.00 if you search for Sierra on this site you will find more details on their name/number etc.

Cheers Terry
#16 11-28-2011, 05:14 AM,
More investigation regarding this.

It turns out that the solution given that started this thread is based on the RM-1100 Radio which was supplied for the 84 and 85 GL1200's only.

The 86 Aspencade uses the RM-1300 radio. Someone has suggested the 87 Aspencade uses an RM-1400 radio (I am unclear if this is correct.)

The solution of wiring the unit to the CN105 harness as the alternative was still based on the RM-1100 Radio. The CN105 harness has 13 pins but on the RM-1300 radio there are only 12 pins on the CN105 harness. Also there are 2 red wires, both of which are needed by the description given in the link provided to the other forum. The RM-1300 radio CN105 harness is missing the pin 13 red wire.

I took the unit apart for the second time to find this out. Interestingling the harness is in the same general region of the solution which opened this thread.

I need a electrical diagram for the RM-1300. If anyone finds it let me know.

I may see if I can trace back the leads from the heads on the cassette player itself. I suspect they are connected to the CN105 harness at the other end. But that involves taking the radio even further apart than it is now. I believe i am close to solving it.
Returning rider after 25 year absence. I bought the Aspencade in Oct. 2011 with 16,000 original miles on it. I have posted pictures at my facebook page
#17 11-28-2011, 02:36 PM,
To review the 1986 to 1987 Aspencades have the Clarion 3 radio RM-1300a whereas the 1984 to 1985 Aspencades have the Clarion 2 radio. As it turns out the main difference between the two is that the main circuit board on the Clarion 3 models has more microchips on it and less physical components produced robotically I would assume. The other boards are still hand assembled boards with large individual components that can be hand soldered to more easily. So the manuals for the RM-1100 which are available can be relied upon to understand the rest of the circuits other than the main board. The RM-1100 manual on page 21 indicates that the brown pin connector ic502 on the board called the 'Tape EQ & Ambience model' is 'R' and the grey pin on the same connector is 'L'. When you trace these wires back to the main board on the RM-1300 these are pins 12- Grey is 'L' and pin 11 - Brown is 'R'. Vuella the answer for 1986 & 1987 RM-1300's.

On the RM1100 bikes (1984 to 1985) pin 13 is red and is 'R'. The pin 12 is grey and is 'L' channel.

Before soldering any wires I first drilled a small hole in the center bottom of the front plastic face just left of the radio buttons near the center of the unit. Then I drilled a hole right near the bottom edge of the metal housing and worked the drill until I broke throe the edge of the housing. I was then able ot feed the receiving mp3 cable through the hole leaving the wire dangling out the bottom of the unit with a receptacle on it. I was able to route the wires to the circuit board. Ground wire to a screw support for main board and the two other wires to the grey and brown wires comming off the left side of the C105 cable. On the bottom of the front housing I put a 3m clip (with 3m tape on it) to hold the receiving mp3 plug pointing to the left so that the cable hangs to the left of the unit on the bottom of the radio angled toward the left glove box.

All the points on the board that have screws in them also are ground points. This is true of all circuit boards. (Electronics 101). So my prefered ground point was accomplished by soldering the ground wire into a loop then screwing it down on one of the board mount screws.

The wires are delicate on the harness that connects to C105 so what I did was melt the insulation off the wire part way down the harness with the soldering gun. Then I scraped the plastic debry back with a razor. Then I use flux on the wire and wrapped the wire contact around each the brown 'Right' and grey 'Left' wires and soldered them to the incomming stereo phono cord. Taped everything up arond the solder joints.

I reinstalled the radio on the bike and tested the radio. Still works.

Unfortunately i have nothing to plug into the mp3 receiver tonight. I don't have an mp3 player. When one of my kids comes to visit I'll try it.

I have a Garmin NUVI 680 GPS on order that cost me 85 dollars on EBAY. When it arrives I'll plug it in and let you know if it actually works. Should be later this week. The Nuvi will bluetooth connect to a phone. It has an SD Card reader that will play mp3's and will let you pick the songs from the screen or dial a number from the screen on the bluetooth connected phone. It will also bluetooth connect to the SHM10 bluetooth headsets I bought that are also on their way.

I should be able to get driving instructions speaking overtop of the radio if I leave the radio in radio mode while driving or if I am listening to mp3's from the NUVI I will put the radio in "Tape" mode so that only the MP3's are comming through. They will be stopped by the NUVI itself when instructions come from the GPS or phone. I could still play a tape with this setup. In that case NUVI will share the audio stream with the Tape when it give instructions. I could physically disconnect the NUVI to stop this for that tape I want to hear. There is no answer if you want to listen to the radio however other than feeding in another FM radio through the mp3 cord and leaving the radio in tape mode.

Problem is that the old GPS I bought is mono only for the mp3's. I avoided however spending big bucks for the Gamin ZUMO 665 this way. I will buy it later when it too is a 5 year old model available everywhere for 85 bucks.

After I am sure this is working I will start or join another thread about bluetooth after this. My next project will be making a harness to interface the bikes CB Radio to the NUVI such that when the PTT switch is pressed the voice from the helmet will go out on the CB and back again. I have been following other threads on this subject. I have a few ideas of my own that I hope will work.
Returning rider after 25 year absence. I bought the Aspencade in Oct. 2011 with 16,000 original miles on it. I have posted pictures at my facebook page
#18 11-28-2011, 10:13 PM,
Thank You for detailing this.

I've recently purchased an RM1200 unit but unfortunately it is what we in the UK call "flakey" which means sometimes it works and at other times it doesn't. I only paid $10 for it but I paid probably the best part of $150 by the time it got to the UK in MoneyGram fees, currency exchange, postage, inspection tax, import duty and local delivery.

I'm therefore intending to purchase an RM1300 unit which is in the UK.

You are obviously very competent in this subject - did you manage to find some collateral in terms on a manual for the RM1300 unit?

Thanks - Terry
#19 12-02-2011, 03:15 PM,
LOL. When I tested it nothing happened. I think the system has to be fooled to think a cassette is playing to make it work this way. I need to get blank tape cartrridge and see if that makes it work. As it is right now I am getting complete silence from install. Because I have until April before I will be out riding i am not in a hurry to get to the bottom of this right away. Now I've started the Hid lighting and LED Lighting project. Check back in a few months and I will post the conclusion of this. I am convinced I tapped into the circuit at the right place however I have never tried a cassette on this deck to find out if it plays one. Theoretically the mod I did should allow a tape to play still but it will send the sound of tape and mp3 to the speakers together if you don't disconnect the mp3 player. For now hold off on modifying RM1300 unit this way.

Alternately to all of this you can get an FM Modulator which blocks the FM Station out at the same time. There are blocking modulators. This is my second choice solution if for some reason I don't end up solving this wired solution.

God Bless, (Time of year to Bless everyone)
Returning rider after 25 year absence. I bought the Aspencade in Oct. 2011 with 16,000 original miles on it. I have posted pictures at my facebook page
#20 12-07-2011, 12:02 PM,
I did the wiring and just ran the aux plug out through my cassette opening since the cassette doesn't work anyway. Problem, The ipod pops and crackles when I move it and when I try to put it in the Cassette bay it seems to short something and won't work. Also the radio won't work even when the ipod isn't plugged in. I know I messed up somewhere, just not sure where. The instructions called for the connection of three wires and my jack had four.

#21 12-20-2011, 07:27 PM,
hey guys, I actually got a hold of the schematics for the rm-1300a/1400a radios and made an aux port for it. I tried to get my account here activated a few times(apparently the activation was going to my spam folder). I don't really want to go through the entire thing again, so here is a link to the post that I made on the forum

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
#22 07-22-2012, 04:25 PM,
It appears the images are no longer viewable (cannot download) - is there a way that these could be updated to another site or made viewable?
#23 04-04-2016, 08:36 AM,
Unfortunately this happens when people upload pictures to off forum sites, once they or the person disappears so do the pictures, unless someone has downloaded and saved them or the person reappears there isnt much chance of getting them, try a PM to the originator, it might get to him.
The only stupid questions are the one's that are not asked.

#24 04-04-2016, 04:50 PM,

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