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Chain Noise
I have a 1985 Interstate with 35,000 miles on odomoter, Tonight it started just like normal, needed choke and stumbled etc. backfired until choke is applied a bit. After a short 5-6 mile ride I restarted it for the ride home and it immediately gave me the sound of a chain banging, and actually seemed to lock up the drive as I let out the clutch. So I am assuming I have a primary chain issue? Last year I replaced the clutch plates prior to a 1400 mile ride around Lake Superior and all was well. It did have some low growling noise when you let out the clutch, but now I know something major is wrong and before i ship it out to a mechanic can anyone advise if this is a do it your self job or leave it to an expert? When I tried to turn over the motor to listen to the noise with a stethascope I could hear the starter bogging down as well. Ouch, what did I do??
Thanks for your advice!
#1 08-24-2010, 06:04 PM,
I do not have an answer for the sound of a chain banging or low growling noise but someone else should come along shortly with some insight. You probably have some blockage of your primary jets if you are getting stumbling and backfire without choke. You might try the recommended amount of SEAFOAM as it can dissolve small amounts of blockage. If the stumbling and backfiring continues, a carburetor cleaning/rebuild may be in the bikes future. As far as the starter bogging down, make sure the battery has adequate charge. I use a hydrometer to check the specific gravity of each cell. If the battery is too weak, when the starter button is depressed, the starter will not spin fast enough to engage the starter flywheel and you will hear a ‘whirring’ or ‘whizzing’ sound followed by a loud ‘clunk’! Some might point you to looking at the starter, others may have you looking at the solenoid but take a look at the specific gravity of the battery and make sure you are at least at 50%. Of course the higher the percentage, the greater the battery is charged. Also, keep the fluid level above the plates in the battery or crystals may form diminishing the battery’s capability. Good Luck.
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#2 08-25-2010, 02:12 PM,

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