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Jama Exhausts
Just nearing the end of a massive renovation of my Wing. Last part is cleaning up the old OE exhausts & then she'll be good to go. She's on her 2nd set of silencers - again OE as I didn't much like the look of Motad SS items, the only available alternative at that time. The silencers have worn well but I just found that my downpipes are now shagged - the junction where one pipe joins the other has rusted so bad it has snapped. The metal is so rotten it is not repairable. Just had a look online to see if there are any spares available & I found that Jama / Laser make a Stainless downpipe kit for around $325 / £280. They also do a muffler set.

I never heard of them and unfortunately there is no picture of what these items look like. Has anyone any experience of a Jama exhaust on a 1200? and can these downpipes be used with my stock mufflers? I've contacted Laser for advice but I just wondered if anyone has seen these or had any experience with them?
#1 06-07-2010, 11:45 AM,
just found a picture on their website,but that price sure seems high for just the mufflers

think i'd go for the motad's since they are a complete system in stainless and they are alot cheaper,hopefully my systems are go for a couple more years

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#2 06-07-2010, 07:25 PM,
Thanks for this...I already looked at this picture and I'm not sure it is correct as they use the same generic picture for other exhausts - kinda "here's what a bike muffler looks like". Also I saw a picture of a chrome version for sale on Ebay in US and it looks more like the original pipes with the fat silencers with the thinner tail pipes. Can't figure why somebody would go to all the trouble of making a replacement pipe set and then not advertising what it actually looks like - hence my reluctance to purchase.

I would still like tose what they look like on a bike . The Motad system looks good on its own & retails here in the UKL for about £350 for the whole system. It's stainless steel but... On the bike the downpipes look weedy - they're thinner than the OE pipes which had those chrome cover guards that fatten them out. Also the tail pipes are stubby and although the stainless doesn't rust the ones I've seem turn yello. On the bike it looks really 'aftermarket-tack-on' and to me ruins the look of one of the most beautiful Honda's everr built, hence my quest to source something that looks as close to the original as I can get.
#3 06-07-2010, 11:30 PM,

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