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86 SEi stumbles at takeoff.
Agreed on the ethanol gasoline. On recent trip covering several states I watched very carefully not to exceed 10 percent ethanol. Its very hard to find less than that and the Feds now let the ethanol level go as high as 15 percent which will cook a bike engine.
Ive ran premium mid grade and regular in the LTD and what Vic says holds true at least for it.
Fuel mileage doesnt go up perhaps down a shade. It definitely runs better on regular, actually will develop a stutter on premium if I run two tanks fulls in a row of it.
I drop a little sea foam in it about once every couple of months and it does take care of any little sputters or whatever if i happen to get a batch of nasty gasoline.
I dont know nearly as much about wings as most of the rest here. Seafoam I have researched to death :lol:. I used to do all the harley carburetors in the small shop my deceased friend and I ran for a while. This much about it I know from personal trying it. It doesnt have a solvent in it. It will move water out of a fuel system within reason. You can leave rubber carb seals, o rings etc soaking in it for days and it wont hurt em. And it will dissolve gunk in a float bowl pretty quick with a little stir with your finger. Short of vatting a carb which involves taking the whole thing apart every plastic and rubber seal etc out of it then vatting it, Seafoam is the next best thing. :d
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