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Update Winter Projects!!!!!!!!!!
Well, just thought I'd share some projects. Finally added some LED lights to rear,..Stop and Turn and added a flashing LED StopLight Strip powered by an Electronic Signal Flasher. But the main rear tail light are LED also. I have also added LED Turn Signals, trying to get them high enough for the Cars behind me to see :d !!! Also added to the front some new 10watt running lights and LED turn signals and converted the front signals to LED, the only ones I kept oem on signal light where the rear signal bag light (so the LED's would blink). I used an electronic flasher but it wouldn't sense the LED"s unless I kept the Oem Bulbs in line :-W !! Now I'm replacing front pads and stainless brake lines. I'm also rebuilt the front Master Cylinder and I'm now in the process of rebuilding the calipers, One was dragging B-( . I will also put wheel bearings in front like the back, too :-@ :- !! Once I get all the front done, My future todo's are putting backrest on, electric fuel pump, and the testing again of the 32/36 Holley Weber and lube various spots B-( !! Between the the snow and babysitting the G-kids, process has been slow :YMPEACE: !!! Now I've shared my stuff what are the rest of you doing?????????????????????????????? :d Later, Bob
1981 Gl I
#1 02-19-2010, 09:19 PM,
Listening to Walter brag while I'm snowed in.... :-W
1985 Limited Edition
#2 02-19-2010, 10:28 PM,
I've been slowly doing the Poorboy's Alt conversion. As soon as that's complete, its on with the new sneakers.

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#3 02-21-2010, 01:26 PM,
I am also working on a Poorboy retro-fit. I am also taking too long to get it done. Working 65-70 hrs a week leaves little time for working on the bike. #-O #-O

One thing I am doing different. The radiator and fan was still too close to the belt and pulley even after doing all that was recommended per the Poorboy instructions. I am spacing the bottom of the radiator out a little more than the spacer kit to allow for more clearance on the fan and alt. belt. The only problem this creates is the lower radiator hose is going to kink trying to offset nearly and inch on such a short hose. I am having a machine shop make an aluminum spacer to set the hose connection on the motor out about one inch. It will have an o-ring like the hose adapter on one end to seal at the motor, and the o-ring on the hose adapter will seal the other end of the spacer.

This is just my attempt to gain a little more clearance with out having to relocate the fan to the front of the radiator. I hope it works. :YMPRAY: :YMPRAY:

#4 02-22-2010, 08:27 AM,

I am curious about the electronic flasher not sensing the LEDs. What flasher did you use? I intend to do the same thing to my Aspecad when the weather warms up so I can work in the unheated storage. If I don't have to get rear turn-signal LEDs, this will save some bucks.

I am looking at getting my LEDs from superbrite leds they sell an electronic flasher for cars and motorcycles, but the motocycle flashers will not work with our electrical system because it uses the flasher mounting as the frame ground connection. So I am looking at getting a flasher from NAPA or other big box autoparts store.

#5 02-22-2010, 08:03 PM,
Hi Owaace, I believe somewhere it was suggested to use a Trident28 electronic flasher??? But after using several others, I just kept the rear OEM bulb signals in line to help give it a better load on the flasher to help the signals to flash, instead of spending any more money. This way I didn't have to buy in-line resistors ( I think that's what they call them) to up the voltage load. I use all LED's except I keep 2 1157's in line (1 on the right signal bank the other on the left bank), that's not much off a draw at all and It works for me :YMCOWBOY: !! Bob :YMPEACE: By the way, I just reread my post and need to add I still used an electronic flasher because using the oem with Led's wouldn't flash!! Hope this helps!! :YMPEACE:
1981 Gl I
#6 02-23-2010, 11:49 AM,
Wow, where did 2010 go,.....thought I'd bring my projects up to date Wink) ,put in an inexpensive FM radio, now I have some tunes :YMHUG: !! Also I'm trying out some E3s spark plugs and so far very pleased. Going over some of my earlier posts where I mentioned putting on a backrest,...done. And also put in a new fan relay, would turn on but not off :d !! I didn't do anything with the carb exchange this last year, just wanted to ride when I had the chance but will attempt to try and put the Weber/Holley on this winter after I get the remote starter on the wifes' car :-SS !! And last some new air horns 8-X !!! So what's new with anyone else,..... :YMCOWBOY: Bob
1981 Gl I
#7 01-02-2011, 11:34 PM,
Sitting here in Illilnois doing absolutely NOTHING. just pining for spring, while watching Goldwing trip videos on the internet. I guess I shouldn't do that 'cuz now I want spring to come even more than ever!!! Sure does play havoc with my mind.
#8 01-03-2011, 03:17 PM,
This winter's project has a few things to upgrade. First, I already purchased from EBay a set of used rear Progressive shocks. I'm also considering the front Progressive springs and a SuperBrace. Not sure if I want to tackle the front forks because of the special tool needed. I might have that done at a bike shop. I've also already purchased the oil filter spin on adapter, Hastings oil filter, and Rudy's GL1200 Full Bike Keeper Kit. One other semi large project is an upgraded marine/boat stereo and speakers. Over the holiday's I met my wife's co-worker's boy friend and he does full custom stereo/electronics installations on the side. He had photo's of work he's done and I showed him the Wing and he has some nice ideas for custom rear speakers. I did purchase the OEM rear trunk speakers but I have a trunk rack and the arm rests so the OEM's won't work. He said he can custom build nice fiberglass housings to mount on the trunk between the rack and armrest with marine/exterior speakers and paint them to match. I really want to get complete rear light bumpers like the Drag Specialties if I can win a reasonable bid on EBay. There's one on EBay now but the seller won't ship and is for sale local only in Detroit.
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#9 01-03-2011, 06:18 PM,
Do some research on appling the Progressive Shocks. If you don't mind some wrenching, they're not that hard. The biggest problem was making sure I put the shock caps back on without cross threading them B-( !! I also rebuilt the rear shocks but in the future I might go Progressive also. I also put on a superbrace on the front shocks, cann't tell the difference but it's on!!! Later :YMCOWBOY: Bob
1981 Gl I
#10 01-04-2011, 05:46 PM,
I removed all the aftermarket tupperware. Then I lowered it an inch front and rear. Short legs. Now I can stop at a stop sign or light and am able to put both feet solidly on the ground instead of standing and balancing the bike on my tip-toes. I always hated that.

I am considering all LED lighting except for the headlight.

And wondering why there is no activity on this forum. ^Smile^
1978 'Wing UnDressed, Progressivily Weber Carbureted.
1976 'Wing undressed doner
#11 03-26-2011, 08:04 PM,
read this post for flasher info,may be what you needed to know

<!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=55&t=6299</a><!-- l -->
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#12 03-26-2011, 08:23 PM,
1. Installed a new accessory fuse block in left fairing pocket and cleaned up accessory wiring.
2. Ran direct wires from fuse block to coils.
3. Installed new after-market radio.
4. Replaced all bulbs in the instrument panel.
5. Installed tour box turn signal/running lights.
6. Replaced the steering head bearings.
7. Installed new progressive springs up front, installed oil fill plugs in the fork caps.
8. Replaced front & rear wheel bearings.
9. Rebuilt front & rear brake calipers, also replaced brake pads.
10. Replaced rear rotor.
11. Rebuilt the carbs.

Just waiting for the snow and/or cold to go away so I can ride again.
#13 03-26-2011, 08:44 PM,
Rear Progressive shocks are now installed. Have the front forks off to install Progressive springs. Engine oil and final drive are draining, Amsoil 10w30 synthetic motorcycle oil and Amsoil 75w90 synthetic gear oil ready to fill. Also, have the spin on oil filter adapter ready to install.
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[Image: VisitedStatesMap_zps8229ee64.jpg]
#14 03-29-2011, 01:43 AM,
Let me know if you have problems with the shocks losing air! I had progressives installed and they do not hold the air for more than a week! I replaced all the orings and checked the connections (finger tight as recommended), and they are not leaking there so I think the actual shock is leaking!!! They are not connected to on board air, I have the main valve t d off into the trunk.
#15 03-29-2011, 02:49 AM,

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