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85 LTD-86 SEI
I have 4 ea Parted LTD's, Also have 4 GOOD main computers& FI racs! Ph 830-560-1872 in TX.
#1 01-26-2010, 05:55 AM,
Al, I have an '85 GL 1200 LTD, am afraid the fuel pump is going out, do you have a working one? How much do you want for one? I am still checking it out, it starts intermittently, I have cleaned all the terminal wires, checked the relay, just when I think it is 'fixed' it fails to start......I am really afraid to trust it.....hate not being able to trust old faithful........I have been reading where a honda accord pump would work.........I would really appreciate any advise on this......thanks, Pat in Wichita. :-@ :-@
#2 01-31-2010, 07:45 AM,
Hi Pat.
RE:Fuel Pumps...

I have had some problems with my SEi shutting down in the hot weather. I just replaced the fuel pump because I thought that was the culprit. My local Honda dealer wanted $175 for a replacement. I, too, read on other posts that you could use a pump from some Japanese cars of that same vintage (ie. Honda Accord, Prelude, Mazda RX-7, Toyota Camry, etc.). I checked two local NAPA stores, and they wanted around $140.00 for a Carter E 8000. I did some more calling and found an Airtex E 8000 at my local O'Reilley's auto parts store for $105.00. Anyway, I put it in and it's a bit louder than the original, but works fine (Other makes of the E-8000 may be quieter??) Anyway, unfortunately that wasn't the problem. I now am pretty sure it's a vapor lock, due to the close proximity of the pump and exhaust. It Just gets too hot! So I am now dealing with that. IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO SOLVE THIS VAPOR LOCK PROBLEM, I would certainly appreciate anyone's experience with same! Good luck, and have fun!!
#3 07-29-2010, 10:46 AM,
good timing on the vapor lock issue,back here on the eastcoast i have been having the same problem off and on for the past 3 weeks

seems like it bites me only when on on the interstate at 60-70+,on other roads only seems to crop up on long pulls uphill where the bike's temp spikes a notch or two

i am going try and put some of that pipe foam aroud the gas lines and try to sandwich a piece between the pump and the cover

yesterday i had trouble and after i filled up and got off the interstate the problem didn't crop up but it was probably 10 degrees cooler too,note that gas coming out of the undergrounds tanks is about 58 deg too

i have an ltd that i am about to change the tank on i am gonna see if i could get some of the thin stuff that they use in custom car applications and try that,course by the time that's ready for the road it wont be hot days anymore

also wondering if maybe the gas cap vent is bad too
1987 Aspencade 129K
1986 SEI 93K
2014 Tri-Glide HD 17K

#4 07-29-2010, 12:03 PM,
its been a long time since I thought I had fuel pump problems.....mine seems to be working good after I cleaned the inline fuel filter........the starting problem was me, as I would engage the starter I would open the throtle to give it a little gas......something electrical was happening, I would hear a static click in my headphones........a friend told me not to touch the throtle when starting and I havn't had any trouble it dies when riding and I turn it on and off and it starts up..........thinking of replacing the ignition switch..........good riding.....Pat
#5 07-29-2010, 07:11 PM,
Hello All ! I don't want to hi-jack Mr Smith's 500$ computer offer BUT ! I just rode an ltd 3000 miles last week and went from sea level to the highest point on the blue ridge NO vapor lock !!! We rode past the capital at 3pm on one of the hotest days of the year. The guy on the softail got hot and quit ! The ltd got to 6or 7 bars and heat soaked me. The problem you call vapor lock is a low pressure problem not a high pressure system problem. I have never seen a fi car etc. vapor lock. Anyway I would like to say in 100 + temps for 3000 miles the ltd ran like a watch. The harley needed adjustments, I was suprised it finished! joe
#6 07-30-2010, 01:01 PM,
rrboomer, not a hijack imo, your information about fi hardness is interesting. I would love to have a fi wing some day so your experience is encouraging.
#7 07-30-2010, 01:40 PM,
Vapor lock is a problem when fuel comes in contact with heat. It was a big problem with 60's generation cars that had air conditioning. The solution to the problem was to return a small portion of the fuel in the engine compartment back to the fuel tank. This prevented the fuel from being around the heat source long enough to draw heat from it. Almost all fuel injected engines (including the SEi and the LTD) are designed to return about a quart of fuel to the fuel tank every 30 seconds. It is almost impossible for these engines to develop vapor lock.
#8 07-31-2010, 12:30 PM,
I just bought an '85 LTD, and having some major stumbling under 2500 rpm's when it's a hot day ? Not sure where to start looking ? Any advice would be appreciated.
Cheers Bob
#9 08-11-2010, 08:34 PM,
Removed my air box, found the air filter wasn't sitting in there properly , cleaned the K&N filter, running much better now.
#10 08-15-2010, 09:01 AM,

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