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32/36 Weber Holly on CI Manifold
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Ed (Vic) Belanger - 1954-2015
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#16 09-28-2009, 08:44 AM,
It came mounted on a '76 Wing I found in the local bike boneyard just south of DownTown Phoenix, Az.

I got the thing home, and checked it out for working and not working things, re-hooked the front brake lines, bled them and had good hard feeling front lever. The rears are in the 'Could be a LOT better range.

Pulled the chrome carb cover thingies to check throttle operation and found that the bike didn't have four carbs. Only one, a Weber 28/30.

Found that the starter would only click (solenoid, actually), jumped accross the heavy terminals and she turned over! Wouldn't start though. I could smell fuel after trying a little bit, so the pump works.

Checking the points revealed they were missing. There is a Dyna ignition system under there. Not working of course. Checked the fuses and found the one for the turn signals was broken, and replaced it. Tracing the red power wire from the Dyna revealed it was hooked to the turnsignal lead. Fired up this time. Idled at about 950 according to the tach. Little low at that, cause it had that low idle thump from the Number Two cylinder. Readjusted to 1050 and that went away. Checked oil and water levels, let it idle to a warm engine.
It runs great up to about 5.5K but not having plates I didn't ride it far. Plus it has a salvage title which means going through all sorts of hoops to get it street legal.

also the rear shocks were not safe, At least the springs weren't. Left one was broken about a third of the way up. They had the set backs mounted to lower the rear, plus it looked like the PO had used some kind a clamps as spacers to replace the smaller springs that should have been mounted on the shock over the long springs that were there.

I'm transfering the ignition and carbs to my '78. The stock carbs won't hold an idle, have taken to flooding at idle, and are only delivering about 25 mpg. Not good! The mufflers are in better shape, so they are going on also.
The exhaust seems to be from an 1100. No cross-over tube.

Also came with front and rear floorboards , and a heel-toe shifter that I want to try out. Plus a contoured king/queen style seat that makes me feel like I'm forced forward onto the tank. With the floorboards, that isn't so noticeable, However, with the pegs that the bikes originally came with it is a different story.

I'm not very tall, only 5'6. The lowering front and rear made it so I can sit on the bike and not be on my tip-toes. It was lowered so far that setting the side stand down resulted in it only tilting about 2 inches from tipping over the other way. And forget the center-stand! Had to roll it up on a 2x4, then onto a 4x4 to get the rear high enough to start to engage the center-stand. Stil took two of us to do it.

So now I have a spare engine, operating progressive two barrel and four stock carbs in need of a rebuilt.
And a complete second frame. Kicking around the idea of building a trike out of it.
And I applaud any soul that can remove the stock carbs in ten minutes like I read somewhere on one of the boards I visit. That guy either does carbs for a living, or has major problems with his fuel system.

As for why, as some one asked - one carb is a whole lot easier to maintain than four, and seeing as I am not racing it, I don't need 8k top engine speeds either. From what i could feel the couple of times I took the '76 out, There is plenty of umph from stop to shift point, which for me is 5.5k or 6k. That's all I need.

Been too hot here the last two months to work on anything. Night time temps are mid to high 90's and daytime temps run to 'Let's roast a turkey' range in the garage.
1978 'Wing UnDressed, Progressivily Weber Carbureted.
1976 'Wing undressed doner
#17 09-28-2009, 03:17 PM,
I'm glad at least you trying to save the ole girl :YMAPPLAUSE: , seems so many are being torn apart for the almighty dollar :-W . I saw one the other day on flea bay which had 23,000miles est., beautiful running bike!! I suppose if you need parts that a good idea but I would rather have seen some sold whole, this can be a whole other thread :-J !!! What type of set do you have, any pictures??? :YMCOWBOY: Bob
1981 Gl I
#18 09-29-2009, 05:07 AM,
If you mean the single carb set up, its a Weber 28/30 mounted on a CC Products waterjacketed intake manifold.

Attached Files
.jpg   CC Products Single Weber Manifold 1.jpg (Size: 45.85 KB / Downloads: 231)
.jpg   CC Products Single Weber Manifold 2.jpg (Size: 46.42 KB / Downloads: 228)
1978 'Wing UnDressed, Progressivily Weber Carbureted.
1976 'Wing undressed doner
#19 10-06-2009, 04:02 AM,
Hi AZWing, funny I just came from other site :d . Like I said, if you can get that set-up to work, you got yourself a real nice conversion. Later 8-X Bob
1981 Gl I
#20 10-06-2009, 02:32 PM,

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