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All information in this forum should be technically and historically sound. We want to be sure that the information found here is accurate and reliable and can be used mostly without fault. This is not a place for opinions, it is a place for facts. If information found here that is deemed to be defective it will be removed immediately. Note: everybody can make a mistake, if a mistake is found please have it corrected.

This forum is for solid and accurate information regarding the Gold Wing motorcycle and its operation and maintenance. It is not for bantering opinions about like the forum we are in right now. Basically, facts will be posted in the new forum and comments agreeing or disagreeing with the facts will be allowed to reside in the Expert's Corner forum but they must be based in fact and be provable otherwise irrelevant posts will be deleted. Ultimately, we want to be able to go to the Expert's Corner forum and find that whatever is there is absolutely solid and reliable information that we can safely use on our Gold Wings. NO OIL WARS ALLOWED UNLESS YOU CAN PHYSICALLY PROVE BEYOND DOUBT THAT YOUR OIL IS BETTER AND WHY. Things like it feels like it shifts better or feels like it has less clunk will not be permitted and will be removed, but, spectrometer oil analysis showing that the mettallic particles have decreased from using another oil will be permitted but you must post official copies of the analysis.
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