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Electrical woes...Possible starter relay?
Started off with a weak battery that was a few years old so I replaced it. When I hit the start button I got a real brief click from the sylinoid, then the battery started loosing voltage. The battery sits at 12.56V when the key is in the off position, but when I turn the key to the on position the voltage drops rapidly to bellow 3V. If I then push the starter button the voltage will increase to roughly 6V for a short time. I checked the fuses and many connectors (haven't pulled the false tank off yet) and I haven't found anything obviously wrong. I had previously replaced the connector to the starter relay as it was starting to fall apart. I just cut the wires off and replaced with spade connectors. Also, I have replaced the dogbone fuse with a blade fuse. The green/red wire is grounding, yellow sends voltage from the starter button, both the red and red/white are powering up. Any idears??? I am thinking that it may be the relay. I have heard that a ford relay works good, anyone know what year/model to look for? Any tips on wiring that? Thanks!!!
1984 GL1200I
#1 09-28-2008, 08:16 AM,
Voltage does not turn over a starter CCA (cold cranking amps) does. Have your battery tested to be sure you do not have a dud. A measurement of under 200 would indicate a bad battery as they should read over 500 in most cases.

Also a short in the starter would be suspect.
#2 09-28-2008, 09:42 AM,

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