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Rear suspension rebuild options?? Help!??
Ok, here's the scoop...

My dad is bring up an 84 Aspencade for me to look over and potentially buy. It needs a little work, most of which seems minor (rebuild clutch master cylinder so it will build/hold pressure, clean the carbs, un-stick the rear brake etc.), however, I'm not sure on the best approach for the shocks. The owner's son in law has the bike currently and I was talking to him about it's condition. The last time he had it running he thinks the air system was working fine. The rear shocks when pumped up worked "better" and had SOME damping, but essentially the shocks will at least need new seals and oil as there's probably not any oil left in them.

My question is this, I've been reading posts and it seems the two options are to 1. rebuild the shocks and replace the seals and 2. replace either the whole shocks or replace parts with progressive components. What's involved with either? Replacing the seals seems straight forward, but I read a while back about having a progressive rebuild kit (but there was some part that shouldn't be used) instead of using OEM parts but I can't find the post. Putting new shocks is out of the budget at this point I'm afraid.

To go through the shocks do I need to just replace the seals or are there other parts that also need to be replaced? Looking at the parts diagrams I see the seals and stuff but no damping valve components or anything...what's going on there? Are they servicable? What all should/can be replaced when doing a rebuild?

Also, what's the deal with shock springs? I hear about people replacing the shock springs with progressive units, but I don't see any in the parts diagram. Are there only springs on the models with out the air ride system?

Any help is greatly appreciated! I have until Sunday night to go over the bike and decide if I'm going to buy it. Oh, and if it helps with anything, the bike has 65K miles on it.
#1 07-25-2008, 05:30 PM,

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