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Restoring the face of a trip computer?
i know the posts are old but i'd still be interested in two (2) faceplates
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#76 11-28-2009, 05:01 PM,
I've read all the posts on this topic and cannot find any other reference to how this topic progressed.
Any chance this this has been pursed further and a product is available for the face plate?
I'm in need of one for my GL1200L.

Many Thanks
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#77 07-16-2013, 08:20 PM,
I missed out on the batch of replacement trip computer face plates a few years back, so finally decided to create a solution of my own. In short, it is a sticker printed on my regular HP inkjet printer, that I affixed to the old faceplate. You can't see light through it but that was low on my list of must-haves.

I'll attach the Powerpoint template I created as well as a some pictures.

The steps included:

1. Printing the faceplate template on full-sheet mailing label stock (the Avery kind you can buy at the office supply store), in a color I thought complemented the Sei paint better than the original finish.

.pptx   Honda Sei Trip Computer face.pptx (Size: 63.85 KB / Downloads: 5)
2. Using the old faceplate to assist in cutting the outer shape and exact-sized holes in the sticker using a hobby knife. I cut from the back, using the plate's holes as a cutting stencil.
3. Cleaning the old plate and affixing the sticker to the front of it.
4. Protecting the sticker with several coats of clear-coat acrylic spray. I had to use the water-based version of the spray to avoid dissolving the inkjet color. By using matte-finish spray, I could keep the sheen from creating a glare problem when out in the sun.
5. Re-gluing the whole thing back onto the bike in the original position.

I am not sure how it would hold up in really frequent bad weather, but my rides are pretty much fair weather ones anyway. The only risk would be if I didn't seal the edges with the spray coating, but I gave it enough coats that I think it's sealed.

You could say it's not a true restoration, and I would agree. But factory-exact wasn't my goal, or else I would have to remove every aftermarket part on the bike too.
#78 04-13-2015, 06:35 PM,
Job very well done !
You should ask the forum if more people are interested in them ,make more and sell ( if you have the time and patience...)
I will go for one too !
#79 04-18-2015, 12:43 AM,

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