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What's with all these letters?
Trying to find brake/clutch lines for my -84 Aspencade and some vendors have multiple codes for the same year model; AE, DE, AD. The parts appear to be different for these three.
How the heck am I supposed to know which one is mine???
On my registration it says AC, but the title says AD.....Confusedhock:
#1 10-21-2007, 09:38 PM,
Can't help with the letters but if your buying stainless brake and clutch lines try this site:

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Talk to Carl @ 561-844-0374

If you measure your brake and clutch lines he will make them to size.

If you look at the fiche for the front brake it seems that there are two different setups (as far as I can make out) one has a steel line in between two flex lines Item 11 10 and 7 I think this set up is for some models which had the right caliper controlled by the front brake lever.
The other a full flex line Item 9
Item 9 I assume would be for the front brake lever for the left side caliper.

Item 8 looks like it is feeding the front right caliper from the brake pedal master cylinder.

[Image: frontbrakelinelayoutmastercylinder.jpg]

Looking at the rear brake master cylinder the steel line item 2 would connect to item 8 flex line on the first fiche. and item 1 would be the flex line to the rear caliper.

[Image: rearbrakelayoutmastercylinder.jpg]

If your changing the brake then your also going to change the clutch line (presumably)

Item 7 is a flex line from the clutch lever, it connects to the steel line item item 8. however item 8 has a flex line connected to the other end and it is factory fitted so I think if you wanted to change the whole line you would need to measure the total and have a complete flex line from master cylinder to slave.
Otherwise your still going to have an old section of flex line in the bike
[Image: clutchlinelayout.jpg]

Yes it is confusing

I would hazard a guess you need these parts

45126-MG9-013 HOSE B FR. BRAKE

22891-MG9-013 HOSE A CLUTCH

43310-MG9-013 HOSE RR. BRAKE

45125-MG9-013 HOSE A FR. BRAKE

This would be Honda parts and would be the cheapest way to go but you would still be stuck with the old flex line to the clutch slave cylinder.

If you then add that

22895-MG9-013 PIPE CLUTCH

Your starting to approach the price of stainless lines..... see

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The only stupid questions are the one's that are not asked.

#2 10-22-2007, 12:34 AM,
Thanks, I'll give them a call. The heads up on the lower clutch hose was helpful, I do have a crack in that hose and need to replace it. I wasn't aware that it doesn't come off the metal line.
I was looking at the picture earlier, puzzled with the right front having lines going to the rear and the front master...I guess it's time to take off some plastic and see what's there.
#3 10-22-2007, 11:11 AM,

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