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1986 SE-i Restoration Thread
After losing my 1987 Aspencade to a wildfire in 2020 I was given a project bike that someone was forced to give up on.

She's a 1986 SE-I and boy is she a project.

The last owner had pulled her apart to make a number of improvements.
According to the notes I found the stator went out and he wanted to install a poorboy kit and replace all engine seals. Sadly he had to have surgery and ended up having a stroke after. I'm hoping to bring her back to life and let him see her after.

I'm going to do my best to document everything across the forums.

What you are not seeing in the photos are the 3 boxes and a bucket of parts, screws, and more. I'm still waiting for the po's son to find the rest of the parts and the keys. otherwise, I need to have a set of keys cut.

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To Thine own self be True. To all the others Be Better
#1 01-17-2023, 03:07 PM,
Adding the rest of the photos here. as well as the current known list of what I need.

1. SE/SE-I Armrests and speaker housings
2. Right side cover
3. Poorboy kit
4. Mirror set
5. Fuel filter
6. Air filter
7. Windscreen trim
8. Air filter cover
9. Passenger's armrests swing out type
10. Heel-toe shifter assemble
11. Cb and cb blind cover
12. Speakers all around
13. Grips
14. Radio blind
15. Led light kit
16. Engine seals
17. Thermostat
18. Full set brake pads
19. Tires
20. Air horn
21. Saddle bag chrome trim side cover chrome trim
22. Spark plugs
23. Replacement trunk
24. Se-I trunk trim
To Thine own self be True. To all the others Be Better
#2 01-17-2023, 03:08 PM,

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