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Bad carbs......Nope! Bad head gaskets
So I bought myself and old 87 wing with 45k miles, seller told me it ran rough at low RPM so I assumed carb issues.
Went through the carbs and that did help its low RPM sputtering performance but it still struggled to start when it was already warmed up without the choke(still struggled). I noticed what appeared to be oil in the coolant, so did a flush and the coolant was brown and stank like oil. I drained the oil and it looked fine, no sign of water in there.
Then I began to notice some of the coolant was being pushed out through the overflow, and finally after a 20mile drive, it was running a little hot so I parked it and after shutting it down noticed a little white smoke from the exhaust, out of curiosity I started it back up and a crap ton of white smoke started pouring out.
So now the heads are off, and someone was definitely in there before, considering there are two different head gaskets.

Guess my question is, am I on the right track......
-Replace head gaskets
-Replace water pump(reason for oil entering coolant?)
-Timing belts look good(probably replaced when they did the head gaskets before)

I wasnt planning on pulling the heads apart, the mating surface's are cleaning up nicely and i didnt notice any oil loss or oil smoke

Let me know you're thoughts. Thanks
#1 08-03-2022, 02:35 PM,
In my (not so expert) opinion, you are on the right track with the head gaskets.
If you are not sure about the timing belts, I would replace them. A broken timing belt can ruin your engine.

After I bought my GL1200, I brought it to my friend who has a bikeshop, for a big service and he also replaced the timing belts and while doing that, he noticed the waterpump bearing was broken so he replaced that too.
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#2 08-16-2022, 08:16 AM,

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