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"Sagging" Kickstand
I picked up a very nice 86 SE-I and have been working on it for about a month now; timing belts, water pump, compressor, etc. etc. etc.

When I bought it I noted that it had a VERY excessive lean when on the side-stand. Seller said it had "been like that for years." Of course, it hadn't been ridden in 10 years, so...

It seemed as though the plate to which the kickstand is mounted had separated from the frame rail. I thought about pounding it back into place and hitting it with a bit of a weld, but decided that since there seemed to be a whole lot of rust in that area, I'd just replace it.
That part of the frame is removable but the part costs in excess of $500 from Honda. OUCH. After a lot of searching, I found one in Georgia. The guy was asking $200 for a whole pile of parts from two GL1200's, but knew he had me by the short hairs and grabbed me for $100 + shipping for the part.
I wasn't certain I would be able to remove and replace that bit of frame with the engine in place, but it was worth a shot.
I already had the Tupperware and radiator off to do the timing belts and water pump, so I proceeded to unbolt the exhaust headers/pipes; remove the engine guards; remove the starter, remove the footboards and heel/toe shifter, and finally had good access to everything.
Supported the engine with a floor jack, unbolted the sub-frame piece, and ... it wouldn't budge. So, time to get serious. Out comes the Sawz-All and I zipped through that subframe like it was butter.
Out it comes, and much to my surprise it wasn't the welded kick-stand plate at fault but the frame itself had rotted through on the bottom and was allowing the lean. Couldn't see this at purchase due to the pipes being in the way, but... wow. Never saw a bike frame do this. I guess there's a reason that Honda made that part replaceable?
Got the new piece in, and after some fiddling to get the engine mount lined up, she's back together. Still need to finish re-assembly from doing the timing belts, etc. (how in the HELL do you get the radiator cap back on? It's BURIED down there!).
So, yes, you can replace that frame rail with the engine intact, but there's quite a bit of disassembly.

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