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New GL200A owner from Las Vegas!
Hello group. I like the vibe here and the site is easier on my eyes.

Anyhow I have wanted a wing for years but really want an early naked wing.

This is the deal i got. A complete 1985 Apencade for the paltry sum of $600. Listed as "runs... kinda"

It needs all the things you might expect, tires, brakes, maintenance, cleaning and servicing.

The paint is dead and peeling.

It is leaking oil onto the exhaust causing alarming ammounts of smoke.

And i tried to put it on the center stand and the stand broke and the cycle took a nap.

Anway it passes the 10 foot inspection.
And I have not ridden it yet because the clutch master had a hole in the window which i fixed and now need to bleed.

Again hi!

Need to go read up on posting pics...
#1 03-30-2020, 07:02 PM,

Welcome to the site.... There is a wealth of information on here which is why I keep it active.

I live in Vegas as well and it's getting pretty nice out there!
#2 03-30-2020, 08:37 PM,
Sure is like 70 deg in the day.
I have been riding my CX500 from north to Henderson when ever the world permits it.

#3 03-30-2020, 08:58 PM,
The PO put gumout in the tank and when I first start it up it smokes that crap out like crazy. It does run a bit better every day so it must be helping. I know I will need to clean the carbs eventuality.
have not seen the engine over heat at idle like the seller said it would I have only seen smoke from the oil on the headders which i thought was an over heating engine as well when I first started this thing.
So far the fan has not come on except for once that I have seen early on in this resurection
So either its not working or hasnt needed come on again yet.
Also I removed the dog bone fuse to install a blade fuse holder and temporarily jumperd the terminals.
Now the aftermarket volt meter is showing a charge which i was not doing before, i assume due to weak connection. The stator wires have already been spliced nicely but I bet the connector by the VR has not been cleaned, something else to check.

So we still have questions and problems to fix. Its getting better day bay day.
#4 03-31-2020, 05:56 PM,

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