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1986 GL1200 Aspencade SEi - DIED and WON'T START - PLEASE HELP!!
1986 GL1200 SEi (Fuel Injected)
16,000 miles
Just bought it last week

Hello Fellow Wingers:

I NEED HELP. I just bought this 1986 GL1200 Aspencade SEi last week. This Special Edition, Fuel Injected GoldWing has the digital dashboard and the faux tank mounted fuel/trip computer. The previous owner provided me with receipts that show that new timing belts and new tires were installed within 30 days, saving me the work of changing the timing belts, which was a huge buying point for me.

I was driving the bike at 60 mph yesterday, nearing the end of my very first day riding it, when suddenly the engine just DIED as if I had simply flipped the engine kill switch from RUN to OFF. I was unable to get it restarted…here’s what I have gone through so far:

At first, I suspected that I might have run out of gas, but that was not likely as I still had 1/4 tank. I added some fuel just in case...However, no matter what I tried, the starter would crank and crank but the engine would NOT FIRE. Even tried coasting downhill and popping the clutch, but still it would not fire.

I was concerned about the timing belts, because I had one break on a different bike years ago and the engine died in a similar way. So, after I trailered my GoldWing home, I tore into it and pulled off the timing covers to discover (to my great relief) that the timing belts are just fine, as are the tensioner pulleys, and everything under the timing covers looks as it should. At least I didn't mess up my valves and pistons, right?

Next on my suspect list to eliminate was my FUEL PUMP. I ran some jumper wires to the fuel pump from the battery, and the fuel pump RAN when I applied the 12v power. I tried cranking the bike with the power manually applied to the pump, but still the engine would not fire. Although the pump runs with power manually applied, I don’t hear or feel any fuel pump activity when cranking the starter. My understanding is that the fuel pump SHOULD run both when cranking the engine over and also when the engine is running. I've traced the pump wiring to where it connects under the saddle, but I don't see any problems, frayed wires or anything.

I have checked all the "dog-bone" fuses, and they are all fine.

I tried to check for spark, but was unable to determine if I’m getting any spark. I don’t think I am. When I sprayed some engine starting fluid into the air intake, the engine would not even attempt to fire, so at this juncture I’m thinking that NO SPARK is my problem.

In pouring over other technical posts about this and similar issues, someone suggested the KILL SWITCH could have failed, so I took it apart. The kill switch has two wires that go to it, the switch either interrupts or completes the connection between those wires. I tried starting the bike with those two kill switch wires connected, and tried again with them disconnected, but I think I’m still not getting spark. I have a non-fuel injected 1984 GL1200-I parts bike and I’ll replace the kill switch from that bike.

I’m planning to put my timing covers back on, as well as the radiator, etc. and put all that front end stuff back together because I don’t think I’ll need access to that stuff again since that doesn’t seem to be where the problem lies.

So here’s my question: Where do I go from here? What would cause the engine to shut down like this and not deliver any spark out of the blue while riding? I’ve checked the fuse panel under the faux tank, all the blade fuses are OK, but I don’t know about the relays. There are 6 "gold colored" relays and two "black/blue" relays on the same fuse block.

I went from riding to walking in 0.5 seconds flat. I’m very frustrated because I literally JUST bought this motorcycle and it was running great…until it wasn’t. I thought I had avoided any major repairs by buying a bike with new timing belts, only to be stranded.

I live in Frazier Park, CA, about 50 miles south of Bakersfield and about the same distance north of Santa Clarita & Valencia. Are there any GoldWing experts or mechanics who are within a reasonable distance? I have the motorcycle on a trailer right now, I left it on the trailer while taking it apart in case I needed to tow it to an expert. BUT, before I do that, perhaps there’s some input I could get from some of you experts and enthusiasts here on the site? I am going to post this on the two GoldWing sites I’m a member of.

Best regards,
Rob Eubank

1986 GL1200 Aspencade SEI
1978 GL1000 Naked ‘Wing
2005 Honda SilverWing 600
#1 06-07-2017, 10:35 PM,
Leave your front covers off for now. Since it died "suddenly", I wouldn't suspect fuel. Most likely the crank position sensor has left town. It's the cute little do dad behind the timing belts.....SE-i has provision for checking codes. Do that first!
#2 06-08-2017, 06:39 AM,

Here is a thread regarding sensor position repairs. Symptoms sound very similar to yours.

#3 06-09-2017, 04:47 AM,
#4 06-09-2017, 05:21 PM,

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