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C P plans for alternator install ....
Looks like this winter will be spent a lot inside. I have an excellent prognosis .... but I must avoid colds / germs / if possible. What that means here is .... likely no rides ..... so this is the winter I want to do some long planned upgrades / mods to my '85 GL1200 like for example:

1) ... Installing a GL1500 Rear Wheel / FD / Brake with AVON Cobra tires (just need the tires) and at same time, installing new SS brake hoses in total (already have on hand)

2) ... Installing 55 Amp car Alternator (like a PoorBoyMod). I have a newly remanufactured in box still # AL-240 (crosses to a Duralast 14824) that is a 55 amp Suzuki alt with a maybe 2-1/2" V belt pulley (my plan is to leave my still working OEM charging system in place, just disconnected at stator plug & reg/rec as a back up).

I can and do weld. I even have a spare timing belt cover set as well as spare fan & radiator.

I want to use a three groove small serpentine belt so I will need to swap the alternator pulley .... and I been looking. It takes a 0.590" center bore to fit. If I don't find one, a KRC 40140307 (polished / cheaper) or KRC 40140300 (black anodized) is 2.5" dia three groove with 0.590" bore adapter.

I also will need a 3.5 or 4.0" crank pulley that will need a bushing to bring down to 15/64" or 12mm. I have the longer crank bolt on hand. I have been looking at maybe KRC 40150340 (Jegs Part Number example: 612-40150340) which is black annodised aluminum with three grooves, 3.5" diameter, has a 0.670" center bore (there is is another more costly version ... # 40150300 which comes with adapter for 0.590" shafts).

Crank 3.5" / alt 2.5" yields a 1.40 to 1 drive ratio.
Redlined at 7,500 crank rpm = alt spins at 10,500 rpm.
Idle of 900 rpm = alt spins at 1,260 rpm.

I should be able to get both pulleys for $70 or so "total". The polished versions of each are the cheapest (40150307 for 3.5" one and 40140307 for the 2.5" one) as no anodizing.

As to KRC pulleys ....
Quote:All KRC pulleys are CNC-machined from 6061 billet aluminum to the highest of tolerances. Serpentine pulleys feature 30% more surface area for the belt to contact than most other manufacturers. Each pulley is machined to SAE specifications then hardcoated to C-70 Rockwell hardness. Each pulley has windows cut to help reduce rotating weight while maintaining the pulley's structural integrity.

Any comments, ideas, suggestions, musings, critisisms, etc are welcome.
I only threw my screen name initials in to make it easier find to update my alternator progress. Cool
Make Courtesy Your "Code of the Road" ......

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...... and whatever you do ... Have a Safe Trip! :shy:
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