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Failed stator
Hi, well it looks like the stator on my 85 interstate has decide to stop working.
First problem was bike would not start after a run out, could get push started but after some 30 miles bike was coughing & spluttering then died completely. Fitted new battery same result.
I measured voltage on three yellow wires from stator which had previously been soldered & shrink wrapped & was only getting 4 volts each from two wires & nothing from the third.
There was some corrosion to the battery terminal & the soldered wires that I cleaned up but the battery was not receiving any charge, would I be right in thinking that the stator is faulty?.
I have already emailed Don Poorboy about having his alternator kit shipped to the UK as to get the stator replaced is a very expensive job £700+
#1 07-14-2016, 12:18 PM,
If you can get hold of the new stator, it's not too difficult a job, that being said both my 1200's have the external alternator. I made up most of the brackets although it would have been easier to get the kit.
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#2 07-14-2016, 05:20 PM,

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