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Odyssey Battery.......
(03-02-2016, 01:08 PM)neoracer Wrote: i had one that i kept on a 5 Amp Battery Tender,after first winter it went bad,since then have had better luck with them,used to be they had a two year warranty,now its ONE.i also found that if battery was discharged that a two amp cjarger would not bring it bad,had to start it recharging with a ten amp charger and then after about an hour rehooked it to my 5amp and it recharged fine

I was sure it was still two years, it once was three years but that was a while ago:


General Product Limited Warranty
What is Covered by This Warranty?
EnerSys Energy Products Inc. (“Manufacturer”) warrants its ODYSSEY

batteries (hereafter referred to as “Battery”) to be free of defects in
material and workmanship for the following Applicable Warranty Periods:
Extreme Series Batteries:

2 years for Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) and other non- engine start cycling applications

2 years for power sports applications

3 years for commercial, industrial, marine and automotive applications in non-BCI sizes.

4 years for an engine starting application for PC1220, PC1350, PC2250 and all BCI sizes.
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#16 03-15-2016, 06:24 AM,
I was talking to a friend that has used odyssey batterys longer than most of us, he also uses the odyssey battery charger. he was told by an odyssey rep that when an odyssey battery is first connected to a charger that it wants 6 amps right now, if true it explains why a charger with less amps won't charge up a discharged battery but a charged odyssey can be maintained by a trickle charger
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#17 03-16-2016, 02:51 AM,
A final report on this... Comparing the performance of this battery to Odyssey is night to day. It holds voltage better for say a week than the Odyssey: approx. 12.4 vs 12.0 starting with a full charge. I think the Odyssey was weak to begin with and that contributed to it's sudden death. I also remember a couple of years ago at the NASSIR event in Fontana, NC that the bike cranked fine the first couple of days at the event, didn't ride her the next day due to a funeral I had to go to, and when I went to load her up she turned over about 4 times and that was it!!! Had to get her jumped so I should'a realized then that something was up!!

I hope this helps someone in the future!!
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#18 04-22-2016, 04:51 PM,
My first Odyssey PC680 was purchased Aug 2004, it remained in our '97 GL1500 Trike until replaced in Spring 2016.

This battery was on the trike when in 2005 the Compufire developed a fault in a rotor winding (noticed V-meter was low as I swung in at Orchard Gap 195 mm) and I had to stop and get the battery charged every 10-12 miles from a buddy when on a large group ride down the BRP one very rainy Friday. As I pulled into the motel at 268 mm the volt meter was back down to 8 vdc and the trike died as I pulled to my room (I knew my room number). I swapped in a spare loaned to me by a buddy, his old OEM from his trailer stash ... next morning and thought I'd need a jump but I .... just for kicks .... inserted my key and hit start. That "dead" the evening before when parked in front of my room Odyssey fired her up like it was old hat. Shocked me.

I only replaced it this past spring because I came up on a good deal for the Odyssey at a 4 WD off road parts place ..... under $100 shipped each. I ordered two, a second for the '85 GL1200A .... both have been great. I checked date codes , both were less than a month out from factory when I got them. Both were charged at over 12.7 volts out the box.

Never used a conventional charger on it for more than a couple hours when it had been sitting long term unused on the trike if not disconnected (like if I knew I was gonna take the trike the next day and knew it had sat for a couple weeks unused .... not by plan, just how it happens sometimes). Usually disconnected batteries for storage. Only ever used a maintainer that has a setting for AGM batteries (small one that does 12.0amps that has a switch, forget brand) and after about 2013-14, a good charger / auto maintainer with AGM settings when I bought my Schumacher SSC-1000A battery charger.

That 2004 era Odyssey is now my "spare" that I use as a portable bench top power source or in a tailored bag to strap on my seldom ridden 1974 Triumph Trident. I have a buddy that uses the same Odyssey PC680 in his Mustang cruise car.

[Image: Schumacher-SSC-1000A-SpeedCharge.jpg]
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#19 11-26-2016, 09:33 AM,
the odyssey in my 1500 wing and the 1200 wing I gave my niece will be eight years old next august, is it time for new batteries
'75cb750 ,'79cb750superK,
'93gl1500se, '79cb 750f,
'85cb450sc, '05sunL70
'06 ST 1300....william
#20 11-30-2016, 03:43 AM,
Only if you find them starting to lose cranking power.
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#21 11-30-2016, 06:54 AM,

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