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Small donation made. Hope it helps. Encouraging others to support this site!
#16 01-20-2016, 04:49 PM,
Without sounding tacky, what is the annual cost to keep this site going!
1997 Valkyrie Tourer, 1987 Burgandy Aspencade with poorboy installed, and a 2005 Red GL 1800.
#17 01-27-2016, 05:10 PM,
I have as most of you know taken care of the back end of this site as it pertains to the software and server side of the site for about eight years. I don't have a definitive handle yet on the true total costs to keep the site going but I do know from time to time we have paid the host additional upgrade server fees and restoring of the database each time we have been hacked to the point I could not wake the site back up. There are of course fixed fees but there are also these variable cost that are yet to me unknown. When I took over the site financial responsibility this summer the site was shut down for the arrears of bills that were not paid. These bills were paid and since then the contributions have covered those cost's . In November I had to pull some strings to save the domain name that was about to the name is one we don't want to loose.

Last year's bills are paid, this year's bills are in front of me and again there are some unknowns...however I will commit to all members that I will keep this board active forever. At some point I will assign a helper to assist in passing the torch down the road.
#18 01-30-2016, 11:32 AM,
Well I'll be Honest.. I just started a new job last October so I don't have much extra cash but, I Can keep taking care of those Spammers for ya!! I hope that helps some!! Rolleyes
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#19 01-31-2016, 10:00 AM,
On behalf of my Husband Ed (Vic), I extend Ed's and my appreciation to Marty for his dedication and for his commitment to all of you: as he said above "...however I will commit to all members that I will keep this board active forever. At some point I will assign a helper to assist in passing the torch down the road."

As far as expenses go, I too have no idea how much it cost Ed to run this site. That been said, I know how much he appreciated each and every donation that came in and I know expenses were usually more than donations and so Ed funded the site as well... EACH and EVERY donation helped, financially and emotionally.

Keep the sharing going,
Ed (Vic) Belanger - 1954-2015
Founder of

#20 02-02-2016, 08:40 PM,

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