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84 GL200 Final Drive
I took the bike out of storage yesterday and took it for a ride, it was only 42 deg. outside.
The bike ran great as always, but I noticed when I got back, I had oil coming out of my vent on my Final Drive. I've never had this problem before. I changed the final drive fluid last year at the beginning of the season with no issues all year. I've heard this is common in cold weather. Any thoughts!

Thank You, Ride Safe.
#1 04-01-2015, 03:45 AM,
I have an 84I and live in Southern California.
I bought the bike from the original owner’s son whose Dad had passed two years earlier.
When servicing the bike, I noticed my final drive vent had a length of hose and a plug attached.
Being new to GL1200’s I just left it on, eventually removing it.
I have had no leaking whatsoever but apparently the original owner knew or experienced something which escapes me.

I haven’t heard of this vent leaking in any temperature, hot or cold.

Its purpose is similar to the vent hose on the differential of your car, it needs to vent without letting stuff get in.

MAYBE the gear oil was too thick due to non-use and the outside temperature.
Also, if the storage unit has a concrete floor and concrete or cinder block walls, inside will remain colder longer which will act like an ice cooler.
As the final drive was put into service, it was slinging the thick oil around and slung it into the vent hole until the vent was full and began to come out the top.

Maybe riding the bike at a lower speed before riding at a higher speed in cold weather, will allow the oil to thin a bit and alleviate this leaking.
Be aware of when it happened, at what speed, what gear the bike was in, ambient temperature.
The oil may just need to be thinned (as in with use) before the leaking will stop.
That is an excellent excuse to go for a ride!

I am assuming the proper weight and amount of gear oil was used.
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#2 04-01-2015, 08:57 AM,

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