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Starter rebuilding problem
I knew from about the middle of last summer, that over the winter I was going to need to rebuild my starter.
My bike is an '84 Aspencade, and I have an 84 Aspencade donor bike.
So, I picked up a rebuild kit from ebay, pulled the starter from the donor bike, and rebuilt it.
I decided today is the day to swap starters, so I get my bike up on the lift, set on the side stand, and remove all the necessary parts to remove my starter.
I bought my bike 9 years ago from a guy that told me he had just rebuilt the starter, and he said that to avoid removing all the stuff, he sawed the engine guard to help remove the starter. This right here told me what type of mechanic he was.
Also, I am almost certain I put the starter I rebuild back together exactly how I took it apart, but if you look at the photos, the battery lug is in a different location, and the starter that I rebuilt is a little shorter than the one I took off the bike.
Also, I noticed that the rear mounting hole on the starter I took off the bike has been elongated.
I also saw on the starter off my bike, that the gear end has had a hammer used on it.
I hooked both starters to a battery, and they both spin the same direction.
My question is, will the starter I rebuilt fit on my bike as it is, or should I get another rebuild kit and overhaul the starter I pulled off my bike?

Thanks a million for your help.

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#1 02-21-2015, 03:24 PM,
Many starters have elongated rear mounting lugs, so that is not normally a show stopper. I suspect the starter you rebuilt will fit your bike, but having a spare rebuilt starter on the shelf can't be a bad thing.
#2 02-21-2015, 06:22 PM,
My understanding about the starters used on the GL1200 series is this:
the 1984 starter is unique to the 1984.
the 1985-87 is not a bolt-on for the 84 because the nose housing is larger or smaller or something like that.
Do some looking on flea-bay and you too will see the differences in the location and length of the starter cable.
Do some research on this and other forums to learn the subtle differences and some worthly upgrades.
Bottom line is this, nothing will fit better than the one you took out.

Given the differences in the starters, check the year of your engine.
The 1984 engines had the pulse generators located at the back of the engine, by the clutch.
1985-87 had the pulse generators located either on the right head or in the front under the timing belt cover.

Also, you have the old one out, test fit the rebuilt........

Good Luck.

-Ride On
enjoying the view from the saddle....... due mainly to the people and information found within this site
#3 02-23-2015, 04:46 PM,
I had a similar problem, I'm in Canada, my 1984 GL1200A came from the USA. A guy I know works in the Service Dept. of a Honda Dealer, and Lucky for me, he had a starter for a 1984 "NEW in the box, sitting on a Shelf" I was so happy to find it. A few days later he calls me, Yes my Bike is a 1984, and Yes according to the part # the starter was for a 1984. However it did not fit and the guy ended up rebuilding my starter and it worked out great. Good Luck with yours.
Note: there has never been any major work done on this bike, other than the timing belts and regular maintenance.
#4 02-25-2015, 10:19 AM,

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