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I apologize for my ignorance
I am sure if I knew where to look this question as been asked a thousand times. This forum is new to me so I'm the lost puppy here. I have a 86 aspy, I have a come across a 84 engine. Good deal and I like having spare stuff. I know the starter/alt assy is a little different between 84/85 and 86/87 in how backlash is adjusted but is there any reason an 84 engine will not work in my 86? tabs, mounts, splines that sort of thing.
Thank you for your help...and patience.
#1 11-29-2014, 11:19 AM,
The 1984 engine has rear mounted igniter pickup coils.
All other 1200 engines have front mounted igniter pickups.
Silver 1984 Interstate
#2 11-30-2014, 09:34 PM,
any gl1200 engine should bolt into any gl1200 frame.
the differences are as you have already mentioned, and as was mentioned.
lengthening wire for the ignition pickups is no big deal.
lengthening the lead to the 84 starter is nothing more than making your own length or buying one used.
changing an engine as a unit is less complicated than say, putting 84 heads on an 87 engine, there may be a performance difference
just knowing how stuff works will allow you to get it to work for you - example, the external alternator (Thanks to Poorboy)

btw - no apologies required at this site...............

-Ride On
enjoying the view from the saddle....... due mainly to the people and information found within this site
#3 12-01-2014, 09:40 AM,
thank you, these are good things to know, I will pick up the engine and put it under my pillow for now until needed......if needed
#4 12-01-2014, 03:34 PM,

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