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engine locked up
My poor 85 Aspy locked up on me on friday. Disasymbled it on sat and found that the nut on the end of the alternator shaft backed off. The torx bolt for the starter clutch snapped off ( all 3 of them) broke the starter chain, the end of the scavenger pump drive shaft and locked up the scavenger pump. Bad day!! Any suggestions as to why these parts came loose and how do I prevent this in the future? The chain wound up and locked the engine, so the bottom end is still in one piece "" Plastigage shoes bearings are good and in specs. What is the best sealant for the case as there is no gasket listed for it?
#1 09-22-2014, 04:18 PM,
Wow, I've never heard of anything shearing the starter clutch bolts before.
Well, all caused as you say by the nut coming loose. That might be because at some point it had been used to turn the engine and someone turned it anticlockwise. It has to be torqued to the correct figure and Loctited as well.

For parts the starter chain, oil pump chain, scavenge pump are all the same through the four cylinder Wings. The oil pump chain is not easy to find new though. The pump shaft is a 1200 part.

Any good auto sealant will do. Don't use silicon. Yamabond, Hylomar or one of the new anaerobic sealers. I use one from Delta Adhesives but not sure if it's available where you are.

ps when fitting the scavenge pump, do this first:
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#2 09-28-2014, 07:08 PM,

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