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83 GL1100A sparks one time when starter button is pushed
I know its not a 1200, but its a very close copy to the 84 Gl1200.

Bike won't start. pulled plugs, they will fire one time (and one time only) when the starter button is pushed. Nothing after that until you release the starter button and push it again. If you choke it long enough, fuel builds up in exhaust and makes a very loud bang next time starter button is engaged.

Pulse generators ohm correctly (540) and resistance is infinite between all wires in PGs and groumd (no shorts). Diagnostic steps include momentarily grounding two wires going to PGs, the plugs fire just fine that way, so I'm leaning towards the PGs even though they seem to check out electrically.

Battery is fully charged; voltage stays above 9V when cranking (just like the book says). In fact, cranking voltage stays above 12 if I leave the booster on.

Could the ballast resistor cause this problem? I remember the old chryslers had the same resistor that would go bad and then run only as long as the key switch was in the start position.

All alternative thoughts are welcome, because changing the PGs means pulling the engine.


I checked the resistor and it ohmed out at 2.3 ohms versus the recommended 3 ohms. Still stumped, bamboo'd & puzzled

bypassed the resistor and now it sparks twice, once when the button is pushed and once when the button is released.

Since the plugs fire when the current flow is started (pushing the starter button) and fire once when the flow stops (releasing the button), the PGs are becoming more likely suspects. However, having both fail at the same time is unlikely.

Problem solved. Bolt in end of advancer shaft backed off; allowed pulser advance to back off and stop rotating. cleaned bolt & shaft, reassembled with blue loctite. Now to put it back together.
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