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Hello to the Forum
Hey again.. another day and much better then yesterday. Have to give a shout-out for the NAPA counter guy today. After having to get a 3 rib serpentine belt instead of a 4 spline that another unmentioned company provided. I asked him about something that could help to located a short without blowing a ton of fuses. DAH...he gave me a 10 amp bladed circuit breaker...
After putting enough together to start it up I tried the circuit breaker. Every time it would cycle on the left marker light was very dim. I unplugged the socket and nothing changed. I tried the socket on the right side and TAAA-DAAA no more shorting out. I checked the socket and could see where the rubber boot had been so hot it melted. I left it off and began putting the faux tank back on when I noticed smoke coming out of the left pocket well. Panic sets in now. I had just turned the ignition off. Found the left marker socket was smoking and melting...I recalled changing the bulbs in the sockets not long ago. Apparently the bulbs the guy at Honda gave me were to much for the sockets. He could not match the old one I had brought in. Soooo after the panic attack settled I finished I out the tank, seat and side covers on and GOT MY FIX for a ride...Feeling good now. Found an antifreeze leak but I think that's from the overflow tube. Will check that tomorrow. Should have some pictures soon. Still need to get the lowers on. Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin Ride safe and See Ya on the Road Cool
#16 09-04-2014, 05:28 PM,
It has been a couple of days of riding to and from work and things are good. Simple fix for the anti-freeze clamp on the overflow hose and the radiator burped all the air out. Still need to put on the lower farings. The alternator has a low--throaty growl.. sounds kind cool. Pictures to follow.
ride safe and See Ya on the Road Cool
#17 09-07-2014, 07:31 PM,

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