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'86 SE-i Voltage Meter, Blinker Impact, and Stator Wires
Finally was able to drive the bike today and logged about 35 miles. During the ride, I noticed some interesting things:

- Once I would get up to a cruising speed, the voltage meter would creep up to 14.0/14.1 volts and stay there
- Stopping for traffic or a light, the voltage meter would drop to 12.5 or a little less. Actually, a LOT less, but my idle is way too low at about 800. When I would bring the idle up by hand to about 1000, the voltage would settle around 12.5

Is this normal behavior?

I also noticed that, as I would be approaching a turn and put the directional on, the voltage would IMMEDIATELY drop to by .4-.5 volts. Is this normal behavior, even with the RPMs still up above 2000?

What is the voltage meter showing me? Voltage at the battery terminals? Something else? What should I be seeing for behavior here? And how, exactly, do I raise the idle on this bike?

I'm curious to know if this is stock. It seems that it is not, and it has shorted against the frame. So, I need to correct it before it causes more issues.

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#1 06-07-2014, 07:38 PM,
that is the stock stator connector which is burned up,you need to hardwire,solder and hetashrink three new pieces of 12 guage wire there
most likely its doing the same thing at your regukator and solenoid connector,

its a problem escpecially prevalent with all ltd's and sei's due to the larger stator output
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#2 06-08-2014, 05:31 AM,
Do I insert three short pieces of wire "in place of the connector", or do I just clip out the connector and solder together? The reason I ask is because it doesn't seem like there's much slack and I will have to remove a couple of inches of the damaged wire.

Where are the other connectors physically located that you're mentioning?
#3 06-08-2014, 06:30 AM,
you will have to add pieces of wire and remove the burnt wires and get rid of the connector also ,burnt wires there probablt mean that you have burnt wires at the regulator and most likely ones at the solenoid connector too

pm sent
1987 Aspencade 129K
1986 SEI 93K
2014 Tri-Glide HD 17K

#4 06-08-2014, 03:48 PM,
if you have a multimeter, test to see what kind of voltage is actually getting to the battery.
these bikes are old (not unlike their owner/operators) and can have accumulated some oxidation on all the electrical terminals in all the plastic plugs.
a thorough cleaning and dielectric can add years (and miles) to these bikes.

I ran a second wire from the regulator, through a 30AMP fuse, back to the battery as a means of increasing the number of electrons feeding the battery and not getting lost along the way.
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#5 06-12-2014, 02:29 PM,

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