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Poorboy converson
Ok I've read everything I can find on doing the poor boy conversion got my kit & a new Nippondenso Alternator for a 92 Geo Metro & all the tools I might need and them some & a friend who is a lot better mechanic than I am. Now while we are doing the conversion I'm thinking (I know dangerous) of changing the cam belts (timing belts) since we are right there. I've seen on other post that people have done this anyone see a problem with doing it this way?
It looks pretty easy as long as we follow directions and have everything lined up & don't let anything move while the belt is off it should be well not real easy, but easy. Any Ideals or tricks that you guys have learned over the years will be greatly appreciated. We will be doing this in a few weeks. I have to relax for a few weeks had a hernia repair done on Monday the 19th @ the VA here in San Antonio I'm told I can't lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk for 4 to 6 weeks. About to turn 52 in June and I'm starting to fall apart need to get this bike up and running who know what else will go wrong LOL.

Thank You Guys any help you can send my way I thank you for now.
Bob M.
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#1 05-25-2014, 02:39 PM,
doing the Timing belts while you are doing the Poorboy conversion is a good plan. you will have the radiator off so only a could more bolts for the timing belts. Best part, you have to remove the timing belt covers anyway to modify them.
If you don't know the Maintenance history of the machine this is a great start on the way of making a very reliable machine.

I know it will seem like well just throw more at it however, given your recent "repairs" you want your wing to be as sound as possible for a while. No Heavy lifting, pushing, etc. and it is a 30yr old machine.

Some things to consider while you are there and prior to putting it all back together:

Flush the Radiator- any good flush works.
Check your Waterpump - they have a habit of just going, usually surfaces as a drip at the weephole. There is an inspection you can do from the front by trying to wiggle the pump impeller.
Thermostat - it can be checked but since it is a full teardown to replace a failed one just put a new Car thermostat in there.
Radiator Hoses - Replace them with new.
Fan Thermostat switch bypass - You add wiring and a switch across the existing Fan thermo switch. (I wish I had done this one) helps to prevent an overheating condition should the thermoswitch fail.
Plan for an Oil Change.

That should give you some things to consider. Others will probably chime in with additional items.
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#2 05-25-2014, 08:39 PM,
You can get the timing belts from most auto part stores. Check this part number thread for more info.
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#3 05-26-2014, 09:54 PM,

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