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I've been around in the motorcycle circles a long time and riding 48 years, my riding whiskers are long (Truckers always say if a trucker has lots of experience he has whiskers) one of the best upgrades a rider can do to his bike for safety is install 2 HID running lights on the front,one on either side below the headlight on a bar. They draw next to no power but are so bright they catch the attention of all those cagers out there that supposedly don't see us. We're seeing more and more bikes with them now for a reason..they work. Do yourself a favour install a pair you won't be sorry and if someone says they don't see you coming with these I'd say they are either "Legally Blind or lying through their teeth" Wink
#1 12-03-2013, 12:56 PM,
There are two kinds of HID out there... There's the real stuff and the wanna be.

True HID uses a ballast and requires a decent amount of power to light. Putting them on a bike like the 1200 would NOT be advisable because of the issues we already have with the stator.

The other stuff is marketed as HID because it uses a "Xenon" bulb. This is total marketing fluff. The amount of Xenon in one of these bulbs is only marginally more than what you would find in a -standard- Halogen bulb. And they put a coating on the tip of the bulb to give the light a bluish tint. This is NOT HID lighting, but sometimes can offer some additional visibility because the light is different from the rest emanating from the bike. It's still going to draw some extra power if it's the Xenon stuff, though.

Now, if you have something else entirely in mind, post up a link to what it is.
#2 06-07-2014, 07:29 PM,
Old School Rules:
1. ride defensively EACH time you are in the saddle
2. ride with the high beam on during the day
3. when approaching an intersection with cars (not cagers, respect goes both ways) coming toward you, flash your headlight
4. if you think that other vehicle might, assume they will, and prepare yourself

Ride Safe

-Ride On

ps - a PoorBoy kit solves the GL1200 electron shortage Idea
enjoying the view from the saddle....... due mainly to the people and information found within this site
#3 06-13-2014, 01:24 PM,
On top of all of that. I like to sway the bike left and right a bit as I am approaching a potential vehicle that might think about crossing my path. I do it quickly so I am upright and going straight should I need to react.

I figure the movement side to side kind of a 1/2 lane wobble increases the chances they will notice me coming into their path.
Silver 1984 Interstate
#4 06-13-2014, 09:00 PM,

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