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Old Moly60 Build up in Final Drive
Admin: please feel free to relocate this to a more appropriate location if required.

In all I have read about spline lubricating and maintenance, there is one item I overlooked, the removal of old moly60 buried deep in the final drive mating teeth.
What drew my attention to this was a slight metal-on-metal sound coming from the back of the bike one afternoon as I took the bike off the center stand for the trip home from work.
Once home I confirmed the lip of the center hub was misaligned to the final drive and the seal on the final drive was rubbing against the lip of the hub.
I was in need of a new rear tire (which was to arrive in two days) so I decided to start taking it apart.
Once apart I had notice a lack of moly60 on the fingers of the spline and on the teeth. I had recently lubed these because I was getting a ‘clunk’ sound at start off in first, so there should have been more lubricant there than I was seeing.
I test fitted the spline into the final drive several times and was not happy with the fitment.
Inspecting the teeth or gears of the spline I noticed a wear pattern which indicated a lack of full engagement of the teeth with the final drive.
I took the final drive off and found years of dried (hard) moly60 deep inside.
With the use of a flashlight (because of my 53 year-old eyes) I cleaned the bottom of a good amount of dried moly60.
After cleaning, I test fitted again, and the spline sat noticeably deeper than when I started.
Reassembling was the easiest since I have owned the bike because of additional clearance afforded with the removal of the old moly60 off the final drive.

Now this may not be an issue for others if you have low miles (fewer tire changes too), but as the miles and tires roll by, there may be a buildup of old moly60 in your final drive, slowly reducing the amount of overlap between the spline teeth and those in the final drive.

So, FYI for the next time you have things apart back there…… take a look see for some old moly60 buried in the final drive.

One more lesson learned……..

-Ride On
enjoying the view from the saddle....... due mainly to the people and information found within this site
#1 11-11-2013, 01:07 PM,

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