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Poor Boy Question
(07-04-2014, 10:45 AM)bs175dths Wrote: I ran a lead from the ACC of the fuse box to excite the Geo alternator and haven't had any charging issues.
I will change over to the Bl/Gr wire of the R/R plug and see if there are any improvements in the system.

Thanks for the details.

-Ride On

Mark, The ACC terminal is '"on" in both ignition positions of ACC and On. I do not think you will find any improvement as it is just voltage you are providing to the alternator and not much current. However, you might want to reconsider energizing your alternator when the bike is turned to ACC. It really should only be turned on when the engine is running. Otherwise, it is just a useless battery drain.

Okay, one more thing. I see folks just disconnecting the 8-pin connector at the R/R when they install these Poor Boy type of setups. That totally disconnects the R/R and there is nothing to worry about. But, the bottom half of that connector has two red w/ white wires in it and both are hot all the time! They are the feeds from the R/R to the battery and only the main 30 amp fuse protects those spades from an overload should someone short them to ground. Worse, the three yellow wires on the bottom half of that connector are the primary feeds from the stator. They are a floating ground input of up to 75 VAC across any pair whenever the engine is running. Okay, so the stator is fried; my guess is there will still be some voltage being produced and because the stator fields are most likely grounded (!), a current may draw if any of those 3 yellow wires are grounded. If they are shorted together in any pairing, sparks will fly! I plan to cover the spades - the 2 red/white and the 3 yellow - with female connectors sealed with heat shrink. Scot
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