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painting engine with VHT
Hi, I would like to paint my engine a satin matt black but am unsure of what type of paint to use. Have seen some suggestions of VHT, bbq paint or auto spray paint. I did consider having it powder coated but the company would not do it unless I totally stripped all the engine internals.
Also what is the best way to strip off existing engine lacquer.
I have seen a similar post before but can't locate it at present.
Many thanks in advance.
#1 07-19-2013, 02:36 PM,
painting your engine with VHT or bbq paint may look nice but may cause problem since they act as an insulator which is exactly what u dont want,because the water acting to reduce engine heat you also need a way to reduce heat which is one thing that engine oil helps to do,raising engine oil temps can be detrimental to breakdown of the oils lubricating properties
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#2 07-19-2013, 05:10 PM,
Use G.M. black engine paint. Wash the engine down, scrubbing hard with a Scotchbrite pad soaked in grease, was, oil and silicone polish remover first then rinse with the same chemical and dry with a cloth immediately to assure proper paint adhesion. It has been proven on the dynomometer by General Motors racing team that the special black engine paint can increase horsepower (no joke) at high rpm's due to the change in thermodynamics caused by black paint compared to orange paint. The increased horsepower is minimal if I recall, 5 horsepower at 7000 rpm, but, every extra low dollar pony you can get from an engine can't hurt.

Chrome or polished engine covers can also increase internal engine heat because the smooth surface makes it difficult for the heat to escape. Thinking in computer terms, a very smooth and highly polished CPU will burn up in just a few minutes under load but put a large finned aluminum cooler on that CPU and it will run for years at full capacity at normal temps. Our engines have liquid cooling to carry the heat away from the cylinders at a controlled rate but when the combustion chamber heat is lost outside the combustion chamber the loss of that heat will mean a loss in power and that is why the G.M. racers painted the engines black. Some special types of black paints are used to extract heat like the paint used on radiators and some black paints are used as insulators to keep the heat in where it will make more power. Realistically speaking the black engine paint won't make much difference, power wise, on our Wings, but, what the heck, it looks cool and if it does keep some of the the heat in and forces it out the radiator then maybe we'll be cool also.
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#3 07-19-2013, 05:20 PM,

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