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a gem of a find, nos 1200 engine, starter and carbs!
hi wingers

please see my very lucky
ebay win. no one else bid and
i managed to win a complete
assembly comprising of nos
1200 engine, nos starter and nos

I've checked all the contents of the
carbs and they're complete.

i feeling the luckiest lassie on here!

the engine, carbs were an exhibit
in a motorcycle training college.
the engine and carbs have never been
installed in a bike.

what a genuine bargain.

check fleabay, there maybe another
assembly somewhere, someday!

good luck!


ps: I've just sold my old apartment
and treated myself to the assembly.
a zero mileage bike! :-)

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#1 07-16-2013, 02:41 PM,
Wow, lucky you. Now just need to find a zero mileage frame. Later.
#2 07-23-2013, 12:49 PM,
hi cbx.

thank you for your reply.
yes indeed lucky.

i think i was the only bidder
on ebay because of the condition
of the auction!

1) buyer to collect from Dublin, Ireland.

2) buyer to pay £200 instantly
by paypal and the balance by

so the logistics and transfer must've
put a lot of buyers off.

i asked a lot of questions, discovered
a lot about the engine and simply
asked could i pay all the amount
by paypal! he said 'no problem!'

then i asked for his ship details
and processed it all online.
£80 brit pounds delivery,
door to door!

having been hurt in my car,
i got shunted by a fast moving
parcel can. i decided to have
a goldwing specialist to install
the engine. sadly the original
engine bolts were seized. he had
to cut the bolt off to free the engine.
the seizing occurred due to galvanic
reaction. does anyone know of
a way i can removed the seized
bolt please?

i now intend to sell this '84 interstate
with 37k miles back on ebay
after some engine painting and
cleaning it up!

using the same pallet and crate!

many thanks for your message.
I'm still amazed that i won
the engine, carbs and starter!
honda advised me... this would
cost you £ thousands of brit pounds!

regards & thanks

#3 07-23-2013, 01:07 PM,
Could you post an image of the seized bolt?

#4 07-24-2013, 05:08 AM,
hi wingandaprayer

many thanks for your message.

the new engine is being fitted as we speak, by a friend
who restores, mercedes, jaguars and classic goldwings.

this is 100 miles away. i should get the wing back
with new engine fitted, up and running, injured at the moment.

i will post one up and see what you think of the best solution
in removing it without damage to the casings.
another winger on here, suggested, a BFH with torque adjustment :-)
plus loads of penetrating oil and a metal punch to tap it out!..

i let you know wingy!..

many thanks

#5 07-24-2013, 06:24 AM,
I have used many different penetrating fluids over the years to free rusted bolts and nuts, but, I have never seen any penetrating oil work as fast as PB Blaster, the stuff comes out of the can like foam and does its does its job quickly. I have also used a heat gun on aluminum with seized steel bolts and it worked great also. The aluminum expands much faster than the steel bolt and makes the loosening process easier. You could use a torch, but, it's messy on the paint.
Ed (Vic) Belanger - 1954-2015
Founder of

#6 07-24-2013, 02:44 PM,
hello Vic

greetings from the UK!

thank you very much
for your reply!
the engine swop is going
ok. the engine is in the bike
now. i received an email
from Bill, the goldwing mechanic.
he advised that the radiator
is leaking. the new bolts i put
into hold the perforated stainless
steel guard, has punctured the fins.
the standard bolts were too short.
i went the next size up and i thought
I'd clearance. luckily there is a local
radiator shop who laughed
at my oversight, hey
we all make mistakes, a learning
curve. £40 brit pounds mistake!

the reason why i asked the goldwing
guy to install the engine is
because of my back injury,
the timing, tuning
and setting up of the engine to
the carbs etc. once set up,
life is stress free.

i will upload a new engine startup video
with the new stainless 4-2 mufflers!

the chrome saddlebags chrome is due
out, so we're nearly there for Mot!
It should go through the inspection
no problems. Everything is
getting there.

Vic, what was the original color of
your wing? did you change it to
a lovely yellow to help
'be safe, be seen?'
in the UK there are a lot of vehicles
painted this great color. i like
yellow and black together.

What shade of yellow is it please?

How long did it take to restore
your bike Vic.?

Would you send me a photo
of it to:-

thanks Vic for your advice!

Angel :-)
#7 07-24-2013, 03:07 PM,

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