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Short Windshield
I use a tall Tulsa windshield that I LOOK through, yes at times it can be a pain, such as early morning fogging etc but during heavy rains I have no problem at all.
I used the stock windshield for many years then decided to cut down the shield so I could look over the top but that produced far too much buffeting to both myself and my passenger. (the reason I went to the Tulsa).

My situation is intensified by the fact that I have a custom made Diamond seat while this allows my short legs to touch the ground Smile places me even lower in regards to the windshield.

There was a windshield discussed on the forum one time, I would like to try but it is a little expensive for me to experiment with.
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#16 04-25-2014, 05:26 AM,
Plexus is a super product that works wonderfully. I think the Honda windshields are made of Lexan and they appear to have a thin protective layer over it. I have seen that layer deteriorate, so trying to polish it may make it worse. Replacements for early 'wings are usually acrylic.
In my years of riding I have found that looking about 2 inches over the top edge of the windshield is best for me. The air will go up and over your head and not cause a problem and you will have "clear" air to see thru. That is what all the "old" guys say.
Finishing a cut windshield edge with a bit of MEK on a tip of a shop rag will give it a clean finished look. It "melts" the rough cut edge to a smooth molded look.
#17 04-25-2014, 07:27 AM,

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