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Slow Speed Wobble
(02-09-2016, 07:42 PM)firstwing85 Wrote: I've had a slow speed wobble ever since I bought Vanna,
Tried a number of things to try and find it with no luck and it would always go away as soon as I got bike up to speed in town and it would never show up at higher speed.
Interesting development today, I changed my back tire last week and while I had the back wheel off I checked the bearings and didn't like how they felt, so I called my local Napa dealer and ordered new bearings
Put the new bearings in and reinstalled the back wheel and toy Deb and I went for our first ride on the new back tire, we had a really nice ride today and at some point in the ride I noticed there was no slow speed wobble, it was gone so now I'm wondering if the slight movement in the rear bearings was causing the wobble and the front end is just trying to compensate for the movement.
I will be pulling my front wheel off and changing my front bearings as well because I think they are still the original bearings in the front as well.

Has anyone else had an experience like this?

I see this is quite an old post but I had the same experience on my 87 Aspencade recently. never noticed it before until I took my hands off the bars at around 40 mph then it started wobbling quite violently.

The front end on mine is fine as far as I can tell, tyre is in good shape and handlbars move freely and smoothly. The back end however not so much, rear tyre probably in need of replacement and the rear shocks have little-no rebound left in them. Will change the rear tyre and wheel bearings, see if that fixes it.

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