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Start switch - edgin1601 - 08-21-2012

Bike won't start. pushed the start button and it would start and sometimes not, than would not start at all after a short period of time. jump from battery to starter fired up . at one point we did smell something like melting plastic. I narrowed my problem down to the wire running to solinoid must be broken or melted. I need to replace that wire. how do I find the hot spot or do I just ignor the smell I got and overlay with a new Wire

Re: Start switch - admin - 08-21-2012

Sounds like the starter relay has died and perhaps the plastic on it is melting. Get it to burn a bit and feel around with your fingers to determine what is getting hot.

Re: Start switch - edgin1601 - 08-21-2012

You may be right, I have pwer from start button, but does not engage starter. If i bypass relat starter engages

Re: Start switch - bs175dths - 08-23-2012

do what my daughters do and turn up the radio and tell me about it in a week. LOL

have you changed the dog bone in the solenoid to a spade fuse? there is a pictorial on this site showing you the way.
have you cut out the stator plastic 3-pin plug to the left of the battery? (you are in there anyway!!) again, there is a pictorial available here
there are other very helpful hints for the electricals of these bikes.
it is good reading!!

-Ride On

Re: Start switch - neoracer - 08-30-2012

make this mod which along replacing the dogbone will probably cure your problems
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