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GL1200 LTD - With EFI - Fuel Filter - BikerNewsman - 05-04-2012

Does anyone know a good / dependable source for a non-Honda canister type fuel filter for this bike?

The local independent bike shops tell me they can only get one from Honda at $50 (+) per pop, both AutoZone and Advance say there is no cross-reference for the Honda filter, and neither can get the Purolator F-50279 filter (no longer manufactured). I understand the Fram G-3969 is a close (slightly oversized) replacement, but AutoZone claims they can't get it and Advance wants an additional shipping charge to get it "from the factory". Advance ordered an IMG (IMC???) filter that was supposed to be a cross for the Purolator but it was nothing at all like the Honda filter, having both intake and output connections on the top.

Re: GL1200 LTD - With EFI - Fuel Filter - neoracer - 05-04-2012

a NAPA # 3556 or Wix # 33556 is a direct oversize replacement for Honda filter,it is approximately 40% larger but fittings are correctly oriented

there is just not enough demand for any filter manufacturer to engineer and produce a direct replacement

Re: GL1200 LTD - With EFI - Fuel Filter - kwatts - 05-05-2012

Randakk is making a direct replacement fuel filter available for our Goldwings. Cost is less than $20 (not including shipping). Best thing is that it lasts indefinitely. Just ordered one yesterday so I don't know how well it will work, but I have bought his carb rebuild kit and based on the quality of that kit I am sure this filter will be great.

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Re: GL1200 LTD - With EFI - Fuel Filter - neoracer - 05-05-2012

since randakks fuel filter is for a low pressure carb mc the filter is not usuable on the high pressure(38psi) system,regular hose clamps are what his filter uses whereas the ltd/sei system uses banjo style and high pressure hoses for positive seal

Re: GL1200 LTD - With EFI - Fuel Filter - BikerNewsman - 05-05-2012

I appreciate the replies. Perhaps I should elaborate a bit. I'm looking for a cheaper non-Honda canister filter because the bike has been stored for about 2 years. The tank seems to be clean but I want to use a cheaper filter for the first tank or two of gas to catch any rust or debris that may dislodge. After that I'll probably go back to the Honda filter for long-term use. Just don't want to use an expensive filter as a "sacrificial" one. With EFI the clamp on filters will definitely *not* work. It has to be the mounted canister type. I have the part numbers (Fram #G-3969 (supposedly still in production) or Purolator #F-50279 (out of production), and oversized Wix #33556 / NAPA # 3556), but am having a lot of trouble finding the actual filters. Just thought perhaps someone had found a reliable source.

Re: GL1200 LTD - With EFI - Fuel Filter - neoracer - 05-05-2012

you can easily get the napa filter online and have it shipped to your house $17.99 + shipping at if you cant find a store nearby,that will order it for you,most likely it will have to be special ordered out of atlanta,ga by a store,probably easier just to order it online
it wont fit in the stock filter bracket but it will fit on bike for the short period you want to use it

since it is not a popular filter you will likely not find one sitting on someone' shelf,the one i have had to be special ordered

Re: GL1200 LTD - With EFI - Fuel Filter - BikerNewsman - 05-06-2012

Thanks neoracer. Smile Will check that out.

Re: GL1200 LTD - With EFI - Fuel Filter - neoracer - 05-06-2012

RockAuto has the wix 33556 for $11.79 plus shipping

Re: GL1200 LTD - With EFI - Fuel Filter - dwitgoldwing - 05-07-2012

I've been using the NAPA Gold 3556 filter
on my '85 LTD for the last 3000 miles without any problems.
It was in stock at my local NAPA store. I have misplaced my receipt from 2010,
but according to the NAPA site it's $18.19 at the store.
I have attached a couple pics to show before and after, (I didn't want to use a
Honda filter, either). I took the mounting bracket off and was going to fabricate
a new one but decided just to flatten out the original bracket and fit it to the
diameter of the new filter and paint it.
It holds the filter securely and looks fine. It may not win a Concours, but
I don't show my bike...
Don't forget to change the washers above and below the filter. My NAPA dealer
had them, too. I did have to take the old filter washers in to match.
The new ones are copper plated.
Best wishes... D.W., Winchester, KY

Re: GL1200 LTD - With EFI - Fuel Filter - BikerNewsman - 05-07-2012

Thanks for the info dwitgoldwing. I was wondering about modifying the bracket to get an alternate filter to fit. The pics were great. Smile

Re: GL1200 LTD - With EFI - Fuel Filter - firstwing85 - 05-08-2012

I also appreciate this info, with painting it looks like it belongs.. Smile

Re: GL1200 LTD - With EFI - Fuel Filter - neoracer - 05-08-2012

dwitgoldwing,thanks for posting that as such it is a good replacement

Re: GL1200 LTD - With EFI - Fuel Filter - Granpah - 05-08-2012

I was going to suggest a handy, cool see through glass fuel filter that I've had for two years on my bike. But I deleted the suggestion because the filter cannot be used with the LTD's fuel injector system.

Great job of adapting and improvising ... it looks exactly like an OEM filter.

Re: GL1200 LTD - With EFI - Fuel Filter - dwitgoldwing - 05-14-2012

One follow up, (which I know is slightly off-topic but a concern nonetheless), I switched
back to 87 octane after using a few tanks of premium. My LTD did get 5 mpg better, on average
with the higher octane fuel but I believe it was at the cost of more vapor lock.
I have read many posts on vapor lock on several Wings, (1200 and 1500), and it seems
that insulating fuel system components helps with the problem.
I spoke to one Honda mechanic who has been dealing with vapor lock a lot in the last few years.
He had an ATV in his shop that you could take the cap off the tank and the gas would be percolating/boiling in the tank. Scary stuff in my opinion.
I have already insulated my fuel pump with many layers of header wrap insulation
and I plan on insulating my fuel filter as well, (if I don't sell my 16,000 mile LTD in the next few weeks).
I am really in the market for a 1500 to push my sidecar, but will keep my Yellow 1200 so I can
have the best of both worlds, (2 and 3 wheel).

Anyway, I will do some serious checking as to proper fuel system insulation so our 1200s
will be dependable ALL year. My '86 Aspencade never did give me ANY vaporlock issues
since 2004. I have ridden on several 98 - 100+ degree days...

Best wishes and Have fun out there!!!
Don W., Winchester, KY

Re: GL1200 LTD - With EFI - Fuel Filter - old gold - 05-15-2012

Take a look at this URL.

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I don't know if they have a minimum order quantity.

Napa still shows the filter as available at their warehouse. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Good luck