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i guess it's my turn ... - 26cowboy - 04-12-2012

I thought I noticed the exhaust sounding a little louder, especially sitting in traffic next to another vehicle. Lately starting to resemble a VW with bad aftermarket headers, put her up on the lift and discovered the holes in the 27 year-old crossover. That might account for the stinging eyes when stopped as well.
Any decent looking used system on Ebay runs close to $300, not to mention the age factor, I guess I'd rather spend the money on new.
Not finding anything recent on here, I was looking for an update on what's available, what experience anyone has had with the aftermarket systems, since I gather OEM is no longer available, or at least cost-prohibitive.

Thanks in advance for your help guys!

Re: i guess it's my turn ... - Guest - 04-12-2012

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Give this a look. I think it's a pretty decent price for a new system. Good luck.

Re: i guess it's my turn ... - unionjack - 04-12-2012

Stop by any good muffler/welding shop and see if they can't add a plate to seal it up!

Just be sure to disconnect the neg. from the battery before welding on the bike.

Re: i guess it's my turn ... - 26cowboy - 04-12-2012

That's good info, I was leaning toward the stainless until I saw the "golding". Thanks Bill.

Re: i guess it's my turn ... - firstwing85 - 04-12-2012

I put a set of the Mac exhaust on mine last year, they are just a bit louder then stock but it's very little.

Re: i guess it's my turn ... - 26cowboy - 04-12-2012

Thanks Johan, any significant discoloration? Did you use any extensions? Mine currently has the dual tips that extend out below the lightbar.

Re: i guess it's my turn ... - firstwing85 - 04-12-2012

there is some bluing just behind the headers and I don't have any extensions on it.
I used my factory headers as they were still in great shape and these will slip right on.
I can take a picture and post it here.
the turn down tips help to not have the exhaust smell in the wind turbulence.

Re: i guess it's my turn ... - 26cowboy - 04-12-2012

My headers seem OK, but the chrome is a little worse for wear, that's mostly why I'm considering the whole nine yards. The dual tips I have (2 each side) are turned down too,never had any exhaust smell while riding.

Re: i guess it's my turn ... - Burnout - 04-12-2012

When I had my LTD, I bought the complete MAC system due to the old one being rotted out and rusty. It was not easy to install. Had a real hard time getting everything to line up. And that was before I tightened everything up. Fit and finish quality was horrible. The crossover leaked. It was louder than stock. The head pipes turned color right away. I even ceramic coated the insides. The good thing is that they turned dark gold and stayed that way. It matched the bike color even! After a year, they started rusting. I then took it off, cleaned it up and sold it. :-L I found a real nice OEM system at Whitey's Classic Wings(wing bone yard). Maybe I just had a bum set from MAC, but I'll never get another MAC ever again. Maybe the slip-on's are better than the complete system? YMMV.....

Re: i guess it's my turn ... - 26cowboy - 04-13-2012

Anyone know much about the Motad?

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Re: i guess it's my turn ... - worfccrmc - 04-27-2012

From what I hear, the Motads are great! A little pricey but you get what you pay for. If i had the cash i would get a set. For now I have a set of crappy Jardines which are blued and rusty. Im thinking of Cutting the mufflers off and replace them with a set of supertrap mufflers.

Re: i guess it's my turn ... - Ranch55 - 05-08-2012

Yep, I put a complete new Motad Stainless Steel exhaust system on my '84 1200.
Then I sold a complete OEM exhaust system with brand new OEM mufflers to a member on this forum. I think the sound was great. A little bluing, but better than rust.
No more worries about rusting out ever again.[attachment=3]