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Intermittent starter button - donn marc - 10-15-2011

Yesterday the starter button on my 84 interstate did not work twice and I had to roll the bike and pop the clutch to start it. The bike made no noise or clicks - nothing. Got home and took the handlebar cutoff switch assembly loose and the switch worked fine 3 or 4 times. I reassembled it and the starter button worked fine 5 or 6 times. An hour later I tried the button again and it worked multiple times. This morning it started but would not work again when I stopped for gas. Had to roll start it twice today. When I got home the starter button worked again. Any ideas? Thanks.

Howey in the Hills, FL

Re: Intermittent starter button - desertrefugee - 10-15-2011

I posted on this very topic earlier this week. I pulled my switch apart and cleaned the gunk out. Works like new now. Symptoms were just like yours.

Re: Intermittent starter button - firstwing85 - 10-15-2011

I use a product called "Nu-Trol" contact cleaner.
it works really good for cleaning plugs and switches..

Re: Intermittent starter button - admin - 10-16-2011

I'm thinking that your starter relay is at fault, not the start switch only because the same thing happened to my Wing recently. The relay is down to the right of the battery with the large cables attached to it. Next time it won't start use a large screwdriver or other tool to short the large terminals. This bypasses the relay and sends current directly to the starter. If it starts everytime with the shorting then almost for sure the relay needs replacing. They cost about $20. on Ebay.

Re: Intermittent starter button - SIR tricky - 10-16-2011

Also corroded wiring on the solenoid can produce similar problems

Re: Intermittent starter button - donn marc - 10-18-2011

Thanks for all the info. This weekend I noticed that the starter button works fine after I've pulled into the garage and put the tranny in neutral. If it's in gear the starter button is dead. Last week I changed my clutch lever, so now I'm wondering if there's a contact that isn't working right with the clutch lever? It used to start fine in gear. Thanks again.

Howey in the Hills, FL

Re: Intermittent starter button - neoracer - 10-18-2011

occasionally my starter wont engage with clutch pulled but moving hand slightly one way or another usually will allow me to start while in gear,and since its only occasionally i need this its not something i've worried about

Re: Intermittent starter button - Siberiancat - 10-18-2011

Donn sounds like your clutch safety switch is at fault they run about $16 from mother Honda

Re: Intermittent starter button - firstwing85 - 10-19-2011

Siberiancat Wrote:Donn sounds like your clutch safety switch is at fault they run about $16 from mother Honda

I think you are right because my friend that bought my 84 aspencade did that very same thing,
the clutch safety switch had one of the prongs broken, when it would touch then the starter worked
but if hte wire moved just enough to not make contact then no go..