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Oil Seal - cyclin_man - 06-28-2018

I am looking for an oil seal (25X54X12) for the rear cover which has been discontinued by Honda. The part number is 91201-ML8-003. Is there an aftermarket replacement for it?

Thanks Andy

RE: Oil Seal - K Bergen - 06-28-2018

RE: Oil Seal - cyclin_man - 06-28-2018

Thanks Ken!

RE: Oil Seal - cyclin_man - 07-12-2018

It is the wrong seal

RE: Oil Seal - glhonda - 07-13-2018

Aftermarket seal manufacturers do make a 25x54x8. It isn't as deep, but inside and outside diameters are the same. Since the original is no longer available, this is your next best choice. I haven't seen many of these leak. Are you sure this is what you're looking for?

RE: Oil Seal - cyclin_man - 08-20-2018

I had the engine out to replace the stator (no I will not install a poor boy kit). I wanted to replace to that seal and what ever else I could while I had access to it.

RE: Oil Seal - SIR tricky - 08-21-2018

What state was the main fuse when you checked it?

No doubt you will replace the stator again

RE: Oil Seal - cyclin_man - 09-01-2018

There is nothing wrong with the main fuse. The bike is 32 years old with almost 45,000 miles on it. This is the first time the stator was replaced.