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no spark - dvjoiner - 06-17-2013

I have a 1987 GL1200 I had a water pump go bad and burn a head gasket replace both and timing belts [AND THEY ARE IN TIME]
Now I cannot get spark to the front plugs Replace pluses gen.with a good use one still no spark getting 12.35 volts to + side of both coils could it be my ignition control unit Or coils I had a set of Dana 3oms coils off a old kz1000 bike will they fit if it is the coils HELP

RE: no spark - Frank - 06-17-2013

Sounds like a bad coil to me. You can switch the coils and see if the problem moves to confirm this

RE: no spark - neoracer - 06-17-2013

if there wasn't any problems before the water and head gaskets i'd be looking closely at connections

RE: no spark - bs175dths - 06-17-2013

Half of the function of the coil is to get the necessary voltage to create the magnetic filed.
The second half of the function of the coil is for that field to be interrupted. It is the collapsing of the magnetic field across the secondary which allows the jumping of the plug gap.

Checking the plastic plugs and making sure the individual plugs are actually connected.

The ignition module is part of the triggering as is pulse generators.

Sometimes going over it again can solve the problem.

Myself, I take notes, so if it happens again, I have a reference. I have volumes of notes......

I hope this helps.

-Ride On