Solenoid modification GL1200


Article by Tricky


In the event of a melt down of the plug connecting to the starter solenoid there are two ways of repairing.

1 Replace the whole solenoid and plug and pray it doesnít happen again or.

2 Replace the burnt plastic plug and the 30 amp main dog bone fuse and replace with an auto style weather proof 30 amp blade style (RED) holder.

Usually the culprit is loosening connections possibly abetted by corrosion creating heat, donít forget all the power going to the bike passes through this 30 amp fuse, thatís a lot of heat.

Mostly the solenoid itself is not the problem and it is fine to use again.

Remove the NEG battery connection, we are going to work in this area we donít want any blue sparks flying.

Remove the POS lead from the battery, pull the wiring plug from the solenoid unit.

Break away the plastic so that you have just the solenoid left with its two spade connections and two main ľ" connections on the back. If you are unsure about the state of the solenoid you can connect a 12 bat charger across the two spades and you should hear and feel a solid click and at the same time using a continuity tester across the two ľ" terminals you should have a closed circuit.

Examine the wiring carefully, cutting off any damaged sections of wiring, once this wire is burnt you canít get a good soldering job on it. Replace any wire with good wire soldering and heat shrinking using wire of the same gauge. If you cant get the same colors, write down the changes for future, when you realize that after 4 weeks you will have totally forgotten what wires you usedÖ. Happens to me after a day

There are 4 wires One RED, One RED/WHITE, One GREEN/RED One YELLOW/RED

Connect the RED & RED/WHITE wires together and solder these to the end of your purchased 30 amp blade style auto fuse, Use heat shrink rather than electrical tape on the joint.

Available at Radio Shack US Model: 270-1234

Or your local NAPA or other auto parts stores, Canadian Tire in Canada.

The GREEN/RED & YELLOW/RED are the wires that control the solenoid.

Again remove any burnt wire, replacing with the same gauge.

Crimp and solder a female spade connector, the same size as is on the solenoid, yes they do come in different sizes

Connect these two wires onto the solenoid spades.

On the other end of the 30 amp spade style auto fuse connect a ľ"

ring style connector again soldering.

This end can be either connected to the POS battery terminal or onto the POS side of the solenoid.

Now you can use your electrical tape to pretty the job.

Done. You have saved yourself a few $ for a new unit.