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running right
Well I got the new starter installed today. And cranked it over after it had sat for acouple years while I put a new stator in her. And repainted the engine while it was out. Well after a couple trys it started, (yeah).. I was wondering if it would ever run again. Anyways like I said it started, it only would idle. I let it idle for a while to warm up and she still only idled. When I would give it gas it just wouldn't take it. it spit an spuddered. then stalled out. Then while it was idleing I tried to put it in gear. So I pulled the clutch level an kicked it in gear, It went in an stalled still with the clucth leveler pulled. So here is what I think is going on. The timing is off a little bit. Thats why it wont rev up. And the clutch is not bleed right. Thats why it stalls when put in gear. Am I thinking right?
#1 03-29-2013, 06:21 PM,
If you didn't touch the timing why would it be off? ya, it sounds like something is going on with the clutch. Sounds like your carbs are plugged up from sitting
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#2 03-29-2013, 08:14 PM,
Seafoam to the rescue
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#3 03-30-2013, 05:58 AM,
I took the belts and pulleys off to get the engine out of the frame. It would not go forward enough to come out with them on.. ... I have never used the seafoam before.. Where do you get it and do you pour it the fuel tank an just run it or what.
#4 03-30-2013, 06:57 AM,
better check your timing first then just to be sure. Most auto parts stores carry the Seafoam. Follow the instructions on the can. When I use it I've found it may not run better for awhile when it is burning the crap out. Since all you can get it to do is idle, I would add the seafoam, start it and let it warm up then let it sit for awhile, keep repeating until it starts clearing up
1986 SEi Limited Edition. 1985 Aspencade
If it's not broke, I can fix that!
#5 03-30-2013, 09:02 AM,
You may not have a leak your clutch plates may be stuck together a bit from the bike sitting. Once you get your engine to run, you should try a manual method to break the clutch free. When our bike has to sit because of The Annual Ice Age I like to encourage the clutch to let loose by pulling the lever to open the clutch, and give the bike some nudges and shoves in gear, rather than clashing it into 1st with the engine running. If you are in a quiet place you should be able to hear the slave cylinder operate the clutch release when you squeeze the lever. If no can hear, or you don't feel that tell tale resistance then you may have a leak or air in the clutch hydraulics.

#6 03-30-2013, 09:27 AM,
thanks for the info and advice.. I did find the seafoam at walmart.Going to try everything soon.. Thanks again
#7 03-30-2013, 04:23 PM,
Do yourself a big favor and step away from the Seafoam until you have determined the timing belts and the timing are set correctly.
I removed the spark plugs and hand turned the engine and checked all the timing marks three or four times before I started and ran the engine when I changed my timing belts.
Once you are positive the timing is correct, start the engine and make sure it will idle without damaging itself. (timing set correctly)
While it is running, read the directions to the proper use of the Seafoam. MORE IS NOT BETTER. Follow the directions. The Seafoam will dissolve small particles of rust and remove old gas film from the path the gas takes.
Don't let the bike overheat while idling and sitting still. Point a fan or two at the radiator. Keep her cool.
Once the bike will idle without the en richer (or choke) slowly open the throttle and see if it will respond as it should. Seafoam will fix some carburetor problems, but not all.
If it won't respond correctly while opening the throttle slowly, Seafoam may not be the sole answer. Let us know.
Good Luck.

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#8 04-01-2013, 10:03 PM,
I did run it at idle already with the seafoam in it. It did come to temp and didn't go any father. The motor did start to run better. I slowly gave it more gas an it just don't sound right. So before I go any farther with running it I am going to check the timing so I don't mess something up. I did try the clutch while it was running an it did work right. I'll keep everyone posted.
#9 04-03-2013, 05:29 PM,
Ok so I pulled the radaitor out and pulled the timing covers off. Pulled the timing cover cap off from the top of the block. And after turning the motor with the plugs out, by hand. This is what I found. The T1 is centered in the hole. left cam pulley is on the mark and the word "up" is up. The right one is just the same. On the mark and up. Is there any way to be off 180 degrees. If not I would have to say its in time.
I uploaded some photos so every one can look at them an see if I am looking at it wrong..Thank You

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#10 04-07-2013, 02:42 PM,
That is how I set mine up and it runs great.
What age are the belts?
If unknown you should seriously consider changing them.
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#11 04-07-2013, 04:33 PM,
Sounds like carb issues to me. Are you sure the choke is operating correctly? Most 1200's I've touched need a fair amount of choke before the engine will start to pull some revs. I've had this little trick sometimes work to clean out dirty carb jets: With the engine running try to block off intake air to the point the engine just about stalls. I use a bundled towel with the air filter removed. What this does is forces the fuel flow to increase dramatically through the jets and the ensuing velocity of gasoline through the jets can sometimes open them up. No garantees that it will work for you, but, I've been lucky several times using this method. Personally, to make a nice running and dependable bike I would pull the carbs and clean them and install a fresh Randakk's carb kit. Another little trick that might help you is to place a small fan type heater on the engine for a couple hours to prewarm the bike and help it run better until cleans out. Good luck.
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#12 04-08-2013, 12:42 AM,

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