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Broken idle mixture screw
I'm doing a carb rebuild and on carb 3 the idle mixture screw plug was drilled out but the plug was still in there and on carb 1 the plug was out and screw broken off. I think im screwed I don't see any way of getting that little sucker out. Any ideas? I haven't looked at carbs 2 and 4 yet I'll keep my fingers crossed.
#1 05-21-2012, 10:34 PM,
I came across the same problem a couple of weeks ago when I took the carbs off. The mixture screw has no head on the front left carb (as you look at the bike from the front) I was thinking one of those easy out reverse screws and a heat gun may get it out, however I just cleaned and checked everything, sealed air leaks and put them back on with the other screws set 3 turns out. It runs smooth as silk now with lots of power, the plugs are a good colour and they were well balanced so I think I'm lucky and the damaged screw can stay where it is set, but it would be usefull to know the best way to remove it if I have to in the future.
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#2 05-21-2012, 11:04 PM,

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